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Newborn Essentials (When You Already Have A Toddler)

Eden is one month old! I feel like this is something to celebrate. We have survived! Slowly, we’re digging ourselves out of the newborn haze. I will not deny it: the past month has been hard. I feel the distance growing between Isabel and me, and spending so much time in constant contact with another… Continue reading Newborn Essentials (When You Already Have A Toddler)



Today. We woke up in a messy house. I cleaned all day yesterday, so the floor was a little shinier, but there was still mess everywhere. Isabel had a muffin for breakfast, and then half of my muffin. I drank coffee. Or, at least I drank half my coffee. I can’t remember if I actually… Continue reading Today

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Three Months

Yesterday, Isabel was three months old. This month, we had to settle into a new normal. Daycare, school. I adjusted. She’s working on it. Her fussy time in the evening when I’m at class can be difficult on everyone. With no nursing to comfort her, she sometimes cries and cries, choking on her own screams,… Continue reading Three Months

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On Leaving My Daughter For The First Time

The night before, I spent hours packing her diaper bag. What would she need? Diapers, of course. Wipes. Diaper cream, maybe, though she hasn’t had much of a problem with rashes yet. Multiple changes of clothes. Blankets. An extra pacifier. Bottles. How many? One? Two? Or is that not enough? Breastmilk. 15 ozs? I’d read… Continue reading On Leaving My Daughter For The First Time

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One Month

Isabel is one month old today. Sleeping: She only makes me get up one time in the night these days. Of course, night time doesn’t start for her until 11 or 12. But, I’m grateful for the nights she gives me 3-4 hour stretches of sleep. On the nights she doesn’t, we both love snuggling… Continue reading One Month

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When Your Dogs Are Your Babies, Until You Bring Home A Human One

Anyone who has read this blog for any period of time knows that the Husband and I are dog people, through and through. True, we have a cat too, whom I love nearly as much as Mocha and Kingsley, but there is nothing quite like the relationship we have to our two four-legged canine fur-babies.… Continue reading When Your Dogs Are Your Babies, Until You Bring Home A Human One