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A Victorian House Tour: A Dining Room Fit For A Feast

When this house was built, sometime around 1860, someone had their priorities straight. The dining room is as large as the living room and clearly designed for entertaining, complete with a door to the kitchen just for the servants to use. The original main fireplace is here, so it would likely have been the warmest room in the house, especially on the coldest winter nights.

I don’t love this room yet. There’s a lot I want to see changed, though we have neither the time, nor the funds to tackle the list yet. For now, it functions as it needs to and there will be time and money to tackle our projects later. For now, we are spending a lot of time thinking and dreaming about what this dining room space could be. For now, we will learn to love it as it is.


Things I don’t love:

The walls. I like the theory behind the walls – slightly different pattern on top and bottom and a decorative whatever-it’s-called, chair rail? down the middle. But, the wallpaper is crumbling, particularly the wall paper on the bottom, and some of it is not lined up particularly well. The colour is also a little dark, especially in combination with the dark, painted ceiling. This room and specifically these walls will likely be our first priority when it comes to renovations and improvements.

The furniture. I mean, I kind of like the furniture, but I also kind of don’t. All of the furniture in this room came with the house. The seller went back and forth a little bit about whether or not the furniture would be included and ultimately, I wonder if it would have been better had we unlocked the door to an empty dining room instead of this heavy antique furniture. Coming from a tiny house of 900 square feet, we didn’t actually have enough furniture to fill the house, so having it is helpful, but it has made it a little more difficult to feel at home in this room. It’s not our furniture, so it doesn’t feel like our dining room. I’ve thought about taking a paint brush to some of the furniture, particularly the sideboard, but then I wonder if we should just plan to sell it all instead.

The fireplace. Ok, actually, I love the fireplace. But, I think the apple at the centre underneath the mantle is a little weird, and the whole thing has been a bit abused. It’s well stained and well scratched, which is hard to fix since it’s beautiful white marble.

Living room next! Though, I’ll admit, its hard to get the living room – or really, any of the remaining rooms in our house – neat enough to be photo worthy, so I have no idea when I’ll get a chance to clean and share. I’m not the only one who can’t seem to get her house universally tidy, right?

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