A Rainy Day in the Play Room

Isabel was eating her grilled cheese sandwich and watermelon lunch when it started to pour. Gone were our plans for the afternoon – a day spent in the wading pool and sandbox in the backyard, perhaps while I made some progress on ripping out the overgrown flowerbeds that surround her grassy backyard play space. I can’t complain that our afternoon plans were displaced by rain; we need it, and badly, and I was instantaneously grateful for the rain and the noticeable temperature drop it brought with it. 

We settled in the play room instead. 

This room used to be dark red, and with one tiny window in the corner and a second half moon window in the door, it was incredibly dark and unpleasant to spend much time in. But this room was one of the reasons we bought this house. When we started house hunting, I added a separate play room space to our list of like-to-haves for a new home. In Toronto, we had little space for Isabel’s toys. Now in a different housing market, we were looking at much larger houses; a play room just for her was suddenly not out of reach. 
But it was dark. So we painted it.  My parents came to visit for a three day painting extravaganza and, at the end of it, we had a much different room, one Isabel and I certainly don’t mind spending time in. We need some art on the walls, maybe, and a bit of a better storage situation for her growing collection of toys, but we will grow well into this room.
And, maybe one day, she’ll even learn about the delights of independent play in this room.
(I’m not holding my breath.)

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