We’re moving!

A short announcement, because life is busy but I keep thinking I might want to become serious about this blog again one day and I don’t want to be catching you all up on everything forever.

This Dusty House is moving! And I don’t just mean domain names. I mean, I’m sitting in a disaster of a house surrounded by boxes and mess that we can’t figure out how to pack yet. We are moving! 
It’s no small move, either. Come Saturday, Mark and I will officially no longer be Torontonians. We’re moving about 2 hours out of the city to a much smaller city, where Mark will join his brother in building an engineering firm of their own. And me? Well. I’ll be stay-at-home-momming for a little while longer.
(Job searching is hard when you’re pregnant.)
We’ve bought a truly gorgeous house in our new town. Surprisingly, it’s a semi-detached with a back yard that’s only about a third of the size of our backyard in Toronto, but it’s a huge, 2700 square foot Victorian that will give us a little space to breathe after the slightly cramped quarters we’ve occupied for the last five years. 
This move is a really surreal thing for me, and even three days away from moving day, I find myself in a slightly overwhelmed state of denial that it’s even happening. This is a brand new chapter for us and I’m doing my best to embrace it with open arms, despite the ache of sadness for all we will be leaving behind. 
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