Attic of Awesome: DIY Bed Frame of Awesome

Our attic has been finished for, what? 2 years now? No, not quite. A year and a half maybe. Ever since we finished it, we’ve been sleeping on our bed with the box spring on the ground. Finding a proper bed frame has been pretty low priority. A bed frame doesn’t necessarily affect the functionality of a bed, so we just ignored it, and ignored it and ignored it. There have been far too many other things taking up our attention – and our finances.

But, a couple weeks ago, we had a free weekend, a little bit of inspiration, and plenty of motivation on Mark’s part. He went to Home Depot and bought some wood, a few brackets and some matte finish varnish and went to work measuring, cutting, sanding, screwing, staining, and sealing. The whole project took him one day and came out beautifully. 
We were inspired by the DIY bed frame created by Kiwi and Peach, and Mark used their tutorial as guidance, but made some things up as he went along too. It’s a very simple bed, but it seems to finish off the look of our attic. Except for the still unpainted closet doors, it no longer feels half done. 
There are still plenty of things to figure out in this space. We’ve added in an office space up here, which maybe I’ll show you in an upcoming post, but it needs some serious prettifying. The dogs now have their crates up here too, which aren’t the most beautiful objects to have in this space. But, this bed frame is a start and it feels great to have completed a house project again. Perhaps we can keep some momentum going and turn our attention to all the other nooks and crannies of our house that need a little something.
Off topic: can someone please explain the secret of beautiful pillows? Whenever I make the bed, I can never make them look good, no matter how many I add to the pile, so I just end up hiding them under the duvet. Someone teach me!
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