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Meal Planning Monday

Last week was, more or less, a meal planning success. We overspent the week before, so I pulled meals together based on things we already had. We also had a plethora of produce that came from my grandmother’s garden; beets, green beans, onions, rhubarb. We managed to stay very close our $100 budget, mostly because I didn’t step foot in a grocery store for – well, almost – the whole week.

The plan last week looked like this;

  • Tuesday Hamburgers with homemade buns
  • Wednesday Chicken and Goat Cheese Salad
  • Thursday Roasted Yam and Kale Salad with chicken
  • Friday Beet green salad
(Saturday and Sunday were undetermined, so I ended up rolling them into this coming week, since I planned and did groceries on Saturday anyway.)
Believe it or not, we stuck to this plan with one exception. On Friday, we ran around town doing a few errands – returns and exchanges mostly – and decided we really didn’t want to think about dinner when we got back. We stopped at a grocery store and picked up a frozen pizza to toss in the oven instead. It’s better than take-out, right?
A few things helps us through last week.
We bought a bag of frozen fish fillets for $10. There are a surprising amount of fillets in the bag, so whenever I’m stuck for a meal, I can always reach for a couple. Fish is incredibly easy and quick to prepare, even when it’s frozen. 
It’s incredibly handy knowing how to make bread. We had planned burgers, but originally forgot to buy buns. With no room left in the week’s budget, I pulled out my breadmaker and made them instead. I would say they turned out surprisingly well! 
The kale in our garden has taken off and really needs to be harvested. This means plenty of kale salads in our future, all for free!  
So, what’s coming up for this week?
  • Monday Frozen pizza. (Again. Mondays are the day I have the most difficulty sticking to a plan, so if we start off easy, I hope the rest of the week will be easier too.)
  • Tuesday Meatloaf with green beans.
  • Wednesday Fish tacos.
  • Thursday Meatless quesadillas.
  • Friday Leftovers. (AKA meatloaf and green beans!)
I spent $51 at the grocery store on Saturday. Some of my plan for this coming week uses things we already have: ground beef, frozen fish, salsa, etc. If we can stick to this plan, we’ll have a little wiggle room in future weeks to stock up on some of those staples again. 
What is your go-to when you don’t want to think about making dinner? We love pizza, but perhaps there’s something better we can add to our meal rotation!
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