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Refrigerator Confessions

My refrigerator is embarrassing.

Today, I cleaned it out. I threw out:

  • One large ziploc bag filled with half a package of macaroni noodles and one head of chopped broccoli, left over from a camping trip we took two and a half weeks ago.
  • One serving of pork chop pieces, left over from approximately four weeks ago.
  • Half a box of baby spinach leaves, wilted, stuck to the sides, and foul smelling.
  • Three half eaten tubs of yogurt, each approximately a month over their due dates.
  • One container of mold-speckled rice salad.
  • One container of leftover rice, veggies, mold, and chicken.
  • One container of leftover linguine and pea pesto. (Maaaaybe it was ok? But it’s been sitting in the fridge for a week, and I certainly didn’t want to feed it to Isabel.)
The giant bag that went out to our compost bin nearly made me cry. So much perfectly good food, wasted! I know that, here in North America, we waste so. much. food. I know that it’s a huge, complicated problem that a fridge full of rotting food hardly matters at all, but I hate that this household is a part of the problem anyway. I can only do so much to be a steward of this world; cleaning up our grocery habits is one of those things. Maybe this $100/week thing will help fix it. Or maybe meal planning will. One way or another, I know we need to fix something.
Suggestions? Tips? How do you avoid wasting all those leftovers?
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