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A Baby Hat for Sunny Days and Blonde Locks

Day by day, my daughter gets blonder. Over the winter, I hardly noticed. We spent our days indoors, or bundled in heavy winter clothing. But now, the sun is bright and warm and every time we step outside the door, it glints off the gold strands of her hair.

And beneath? Her scalp seems far too close to the sun.

A couple Fridays ago, we had a park playdate planned with a group of mom friends and on Thursday night, I realized I had nothing to protect her head from the sun. I thought about swirling sunscreen into her hair, but I knew the more appropriate solution would be a proper sunhat, one that would stay on her head and be adorable all at once. Of course, I didn’t have time to go buy one. But, perhaps Isabel would sleep long enough to make one during her morning nap?

Things started out well. I found this adorable pattern for a sun bonnet from The Purl Bee. I hemmed and hawed a little over my fabric selection, and finally settled on the only cotton print I had. I pulled out a bit of ribbon from my sewing box, printed off the pattern, and settled in to cutting pieces.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, Isabel had a different plan for my day. She woke from her nap after 45 minutes, screaming. I had barely finished cutting out my pieces. and needed at least another hour to sew everything together. And, waking unhappily is never a good sign. She felt warm as I scooped her up. A kiss to her forehead prompted me to pull out her thermometer. A minor fever, nothing to worry about, but enough that I knew our trip to the park was off.

In the end, the hat took me all day to make. Squeezing in a seam here and a cut here in between cuddle and nursing sessions, what should have taken me 2 hours took 6 instead. But, at the end of the day, she had a hat, her fever was gone, and we even managed a playdate – and a glass of wine for me – with friends across the road.

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