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Our Home These Days

My home is not Pinterest pretty. It never has been, but there was a time when I strove to make it so. Some days, it bothered me that I didn’t have what it took – the money, the time, the creativity – to turn this little house into something that could grace the pages of Style at Home. These days, in the 8 months or so since I blogged about anything house related, I’m far more content with my home. It has its own tiny bit of charm, complete with a cluttered bookcase, wild aloe vera, and random tchotchkes shoved in the kitchen window.

There have been a few changes around here since I talked about our home last September. The kitchen hasn’t changed in ages, except for collecting mismatched mugs and salt and pepper shakers on the window shelves.

We finally added a proper light above the dining room table a couple months ago. It’s just a simple pendant from Ikea. We lived with the original, 1980s light fixture in here for way too long. This one doesn’t give as much light as the old one – it’s only one lightbulb rather than two – but it makes the house feel far more finished, and I feel like it works fairly well in the space.

In the living room, we finally added a rug. We’d been meaning to get one for, well, years. For a while, we had one, a cheap one we found at Rona and bought on impulse, but it didn’t stand up well to the dogs. This one was also bought on impulse. In fact, the Husband picked it out when he found it on sale at Home Depot, without me. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug with no pile, so we hope that any dog or baby related mess will be easy to clean up. Ironically, our dogs haven’t had any accidents since we put the rug down.

In the living room, we also finally purchased a new slip cover for our Ikea couch. The dogs did a number on this too. For some reason, when we first brought the couch home, they felt the great need to mark their territory by ripping ginormous holes in the right arm and yanking out as much of the stuffing as they could. I patched our old, black slip cover as best I could, but after they ripped it open a couple more times, I gave up and left it. And then, I accidentally hit it with my paint roller back in September when I repainted the whole living space. Almost two years have gone by with no further damage to the cover or the couch by the dogs, so a month or so ago, we decided to finally replace it. We went with pattern. As soon as we put it on, I second guessed the decision. Is it too much with our new rug? Does it just make the whole room seem busy?

It’s grown on me. I like it now. But, like I said, nothing about our home is Pinterest pretty.

At Christmas, a friend of mine asked me where we keep all of Isabel’s toys. We don’t have a lot of baby gear out on display. In reality, this is mainly because we actually don’t have a lot of baby gear. We had a swing for a while, tucked in the corner beside where the bookcase now sits. I have an exersaucer, borrowed from some friends, but it lives in Isabel’s nursery until we need it. It doesn’t get nearly as much use as I thought it would.

And then, there’s this collection of toys. She has enough for now, I think. Her first birthday is coming, so we may have a bit of a toy refresh then. But, for now, she’s content with the amount she has, and it doesn’t take over our house. One day, in a new house, maybe she’ll have a play room all to herself and we won’t feel the need to contain it quite so much. These days, every morning I pull out a quilt for a play mat, shove the coffee table aside, and spread out her play area in the middle of the living room. Ever night, one of us spends 5 minutes picking up, pairing toys with their mates and tucking them all back behind the couch. It works. So far, it’s all the storage we need.

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