Pumping Tidbits #5

I used to think it wrong to knit in class. Then, I stopped sleeping through the night every night and started dozing with my eyes open through every lecture. Now, I bring a sock to every class, a simple pattern, and a sharper mind. 

I just hope my professors don't mind. 


  1. it's like doodling, except in the end you get pretty socks! (love those socks...)

  2. As a professor, I can say I wouldn't mind! Though I'd appreciate a quick explanation and reassurance that you're paying attention :) Also, those socks are amazing!

  3. Those socks look great! I think you're a much faster sock knitter than me.

  4. I discovered knitting in class this while getting my tech writing certificate. I did explain to the instructor that it helped me focus better, and he probably noticed that I was no longer falling asleep in class!

    And those leafy socks are so nice!

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