9 Months

For the first time since Isabel was born, I didn’t take her picture on her month anniversary. She went to daycare Tuesday morning without her 9 month birthday even being acknowledged. By the time I got home in the evening, she was in bed or nearly there anyway.

There is so much about her growing up that I’ve forgotten already. I can’t remember the day I first felt a little tooth against my skin, though I know it happened. I can’t remember how old she was the day she finally opened her mouth to accept a spoonful of yoghurt. I can’t remember how long it’s been that she’s been babbling, talking her own little baby language. She’s growing so fast and I feel like I’m failing at documenting it properly for the days when a toddler takes her place and I want to look back on the baby that she was. 
I take comfort in knowing that this is the way it’s supposed to be, that the person she is becoming will always be worth celebrating over the person that she was. So, let’s talk about who she is today. 
She’s a napper. A consistent, twice-a-day napper. 
She’s open and friendly with everyone, but saves her best smiles and cuddles for the faces she sees on a regular basis. 
She’s an adventurer, willing to lean just a little too far forward to reach new boundaries, even when it means falling flat on her face. 
She’s an animal lover, bursting into peals of joyous laughter at the sight of Pekoe across the room. 
She’s smart. She’s needy. She’s independent. She’s curious. She’s bright. 
And she’s growing way too fast. 
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