Pumping Tidbits #6

Two more weeks left of school. It’s time to focus, refocus, write papers, complete research, check off the final bits of group work.

I was recently approached by a mom-to-be who had been accepted into a masters program. She wanted to know what my experience had been like. My response was a bit disjointed, a stream of random thoughts about this crazy journey I’ve chosen to send myself on. By the end of it, I felt like I had represented these past 7 months in a very negative way. 
Except that I don’t feel negative about it at all. I’m quite proud of what I have set out to do and what I have accomplished despite sleep deprivation and distraction. This is what I actually meant to say:
It’s hard. 
So, so hard. 
There will be days when you want to give up. 
There will be days you want to drop-kick your breastpump off the balcony of the student lounge. 
There will be days you can’t handle your baby’s crying at bed time because you have three papers due soon and time seems to be slipping through your fingers. 
There will be days when you sob over the grade you receive on a paper because you did the best you could with the mental resource you had and barely scraped by with the minimum. 
But there will also be days that are good, great even. Days that seem perfectly split between happy baby giggles and nap time productivity. Days filled with conversation about the direction you’re headed in. Days filled with new information, bits of research and reading that get you excited about what you’re studying and where it may take you. 
If this thing you want to do is important to you, you can do it. 
You will be happier for it. 
Your family will be happier for it. 
(Your house, on the other hand. It might be a little messier for it.)

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