Pumping Tidbits #3

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m never very good at celebrating it. Maybe that’s because it comes right after February, in all its grey bleakness. Maybe I’m too tired and too cold to care enough about the day. This year, I kept forgetting that it was coming. There’s too much else going on I my life to spend much time thinking about another year passed.

Yesterday, I hermited, stayed home, did some work, spent some time knitting, spent some time watching Isabel learn to push herself backwards across the slippery floor. I spent the evening with my parents, the husband and the baby, eating good food, chatting about all the things going on in our lives. It was the perfect, normal day, polished off with two thick slices of birthday cake. 

Perhaps I should explain these posts. I have very little time to blog lately, but I miss sharing bits of my life. I’ve been spending a lot of time pumping breastmilk for my daughter on the days she goes to daycare, and there’s not much I can do while I sit in the breastfeeding room at my university. These short posts are composed during those 20 minutes or so. Hence, Pumping Tidbits.

The state of this blog is still under question. 

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