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Three Months

Yesterday, Isabel was three months old.

This month, we had to settle into a new normal. Daycare, school. I adjusted. She’s working on it. Her fussy time in the evening when I’m at class can be difficult on everyone. With no nursing to comfort her, she sometimes cries and cries, choking on her own screams, leaving the Husband with just one coping mechanism: the stroller. It works, but only for the time they’re moving. We’ll figure it out though, right? He’ll learn more comforting strategies, and she’ll grow up, and grow out of it.

Sleeping: No changes on this front. On one hand, it feels like it’s starting to wear me down, the waking up every 2-3 hours. I’ve started bringing her into bed with me to feed her more and more, grateful for the sleep I can snatch in those dark, middle of the night moments. Some days, it’s more than I can handle, and I move through the daylight hours in a bit of a haze. Other days, the lack of sleep doesn’t seem to affect me at all – one cup of coffee and I’m good to go.

Eating: Again, no change. Every 2 hours, maybe 3 at the most, with a few, rare 4 hour stretches. But, more importantly, she’s eating well at daycare too. Anyone can feed her and she takes a bottle well. This was one of my primary fears going back to school. Would she eat? How could I bear the guilt of leaving her if she wouldn’t willingly take a bottle? But, she does, and I couldn’t be more relived.

Growing: This is the first month milestone that isn’t accompanied by a doctor’s appointment and a weigh in. I did my own a couple weeks back, just on the bathroom scale, but I’ll admit, it’s a little nerve-wracking, not having that visit and the reassurance that she’s growing well and hitting the milestones we need to see. What if her rate of growth has slowed down too much? What if she’s eating, but not enough, and it’s time to introduce a little formula? What if I’m doing something wrong?

Playing: We’ve got that down pat. The Husband’s family blessed us with a post-baby shower this past weekend, and Isabel came home with enough toys to last her ’til she’s one. She loves them. She’s grabbing for things now, moving beyond staring at bright colours to interacting with them when they’re dangled in front of her face.

Next week, I’m going to register her for the local library’s storytime. In some ways, this is more for me than it is for her. I’m looking forward to a chance to meet other moms who are fairly close by and build a few new friendships. I’m looking forward to having a reason to get out of the house with her. But, I think she’ll also enjoy it. She loves to be sung to, and she’s warming up to our evening story time more and more, so I think we’ll both get a lot out of it.

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