Time To Paint: A Look Back

I don’t do the painting in our house much. More often than not, it’s the Husband picking up the paint brush. He spent a summer or two during high school painting with the pros on a team of house painters, so it never makes much sense for me to get in his way. I learned this the very first time we painted anything together. We picked the colour for our very first bedroom together, but I quickly found the magic of togetherness disappeared as I rolled the brown paint on my brush and faced the empty wall. He whipped through the first coat of the second colour before I had hardly clumsily finished a quarter of my single accent wall. Since then, while I’ve helped him out in miniscule ways – cutting in half a room, starting the rolling until he’s ready to take over – the first time I actually picked up a brush and roller on my own incentive, without his speed to back me up, was a mere two months ago. Even then, I had my mom’s help and many years of painting experience to back me up.

I don’t paint a lot.

However, we have a whole house to paint these days. We’ve lived with patches and paint splotches on the wall for long enough and, since I’m home during the day anyway, it’s time for me to grit my teeth and get to work. I know that in the end, it will be worth it. Thinking back on all my scattered painting experiences, I’m going to be trying to follow a few simple rules in order to get the job done, more or less by myself.

1. Don’t get ahead of myself. Prep work is important. Making sure the walls have been sanded smooth and are ready to go before I start painting will be crucial to a good paint job. We have a number of patches to sand down, so this step might take me a while.

2. Start with the ceilings and the trim. This will allow me to do these kind of difficult parts quickly, not worrying about cutting in perfect lines or ruining carefully painted walls.

3. Work in small sections. Cut in a section, then paint the wall. Painting wet paint over wet paint will ensure a smooth wall. Otherwise, you might be able to see where I cut in and where I rolled.

4. Go slow, take breaks, and drink lots of water. Painting is hard. At least, I have always found it hard. I’m going to need to give myself regular breaks if I want to get the job done, especially since Isabel is going to need to be fed and diaper changed every few hours. This is not going to be a one day job! But, slow and steady, it will get done, right?

Recently, Benjamin Moore sent me a ben & Me kit to get me going. The kit is essentially everything I need to get the job done, from drop cloths, to rollers, to paint trays, to brushes. It even includes a little how-to guide to help me through on my own, and the Benjamin Moore website is chalk full of inspiration to help me finally make a decision on paint colour. (Check it out for some new colour inspiration and lots of painting tips and tricks!) So, I have no excuse – as long as Isabel naps like a champ, that is.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Benjamin Moore, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Benjamin Moore.

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