A New Changing Station: Swallowing My Pride

A couple years ago, a good friend of the Husband bought all his roommate’s furniture and then promptly left the country, passing said furniture around to his friends to sell, use, or store as needed. We ended up with a bed frame and two huge bedside tables, none of which were my style, but both of which got incorporated into our home anyway. A few months ago, the matching dresser found its way into our garage, accompanied by a promise that the Husband would sell it as soon as possible and get it out of the way. I responded by washing my hands of the garage. It was officially his domain.

And then, I bought a stash of cloth diapers. Suddenly, my delicate, vintage, naturally shabby chic dresser didn’t cut it.

We were going to sell the dresser in the garage sale last weekend, but as the Husband prepared to lug it from the garage to the front, I swallowed my pride and stopped him. Turned out, he’d been feeling the exact same way about our diaper changing station. Even with disposable diapers, he said, there was no where to put anything down. Besides, perhaps even more than me, he really wanted to get the monster dresser out of the garage.

So, Tuesday night, we popped a soother in Isabel’s mouth, tucked her into her swing, and got to work. It was heavy. Awkward. And it would not fit up those stairs. It took us two tries to determine that there was no way we could wiggle it up the narrow passageway. All we needed was one more inch.

Cut off the legs, I said.

We can’t do that, the Husband said.

Yes we can. Cut them off. We don’t need them.

With some trepidation, the Husband pulled out his skill saw and cut the legs down approximately 2 inches, leaving a mere inch or so of leg behind. One more try. It was heavy. It was awkward. But, success! We made it, despite the gouges we left behind in the wall.

The dresser is still not really my style, but it fits our purposes a lot better, providing ample space on top for a comfortable diaper change and plenty of drawer space for my full cloth diaper stash, as well as a bunch of disposables. It also fits all of Isabel’s blankets, sleepers, and bibs; once I get to organizing, it will fit most of her clothes as well. Even better, every drawer only requires one hand to open – crucial for when I have a baby in my arms!

Now that we’ve officially made it ours by chopping off the legs, I’ve been thinking about what to do with it in order to make it more my style. Along with the new rocking chair, I’d like to paint or refinish it in some way. Paint it white, maybe, with some minty green on the drawers to match it to the crib? Or sand off the current finish and stain it dark, like the railing behind it or the dresser that used to sit in this space? New handles, definitely, but what style?

And now, I just have to find a place in our already full house for my pretty little vintage dresser – preferably not the garage!

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  1. When you said you cut the legs off, I thought you were referring to the legs of the vintage dresser and I was like *nooooooo!!* lol. Glad to hear that beauty is still intact! I agree with Casey that the crib should be the only piece in minty green. Maybe paint it white and add on some minty green pulls from Anthro to tie it to the crib?

  2. I think I'm leaning toward dark stain, just because I really liked how the other dresser looked. Unfortunately, that's the more difficult option, since stain requires a full sanding! We'll see if I have that much energy and motivation…

  3. Yeah, I certainly wouldn't paint it ALL green to match the crib. White with some fun pulls will probably be my fallback if I decide I don't want to bother with sanding it so much to allow for staining. We'll see… have you decided what to do with your dresser yet?

    (I would NEVER allow the legs of my vintage dresser cut off! Don't worry… if it can't come back down the stairs, it will just have to find a new home in our bedroom!)

  4. We have a double dresser like the one you swapped out for and we love it because it offers a bunch of storage and surface to place stuff when changing baby. Or, in my case, wrangling my squirmy toddler. I think our days are numbered with the change table, as it's all hands on deck or she'll go flying off. She's a dare devil without fear – a jumper! Ack! Note to self: figure out how to change a diaper with a kid standing up (or trying to run away!)

  5. this might sound awful but I changed my babies on my bed and the now-daredevil-toddler-little-man—on the floor. He can run away, but he can't fall off. Floor always seems like the safest place. I keep diapers and things in a basket (one upstairs and one downstairs). Oh, and I also changed both of them on the couch daily. Our two for $750 Ikea couches are not too precious 🙂 Having said all that, we do have a double dresser that's been handed down from kid #1 to kid #2 and it works awesome for all the little baby clothes that I never have the time or inclination to hang up 🙂 gosh, this all makes me sound like mom of the year 🙂

  6. You know, when I was first setting up our nursery space, so many moms told me to just skip the changing table altogether and change baby on the bed or floor! In no way does it sound awful. In fact, once Isabel gets a little older and a little more mobile, I think we'll be moving to a bed/floor situation too. I already have nightmarish visions of her somehow rolling over the railing and down the stairs, even though the railing is plenty high enough. It will be nice to get the majority of her clothes out of the closet though, even if we don't use the dresser for a changing table for too long, so I can reclaim the space for my clothes!

  7. The day Isabel becomes too mobile like that is the day we rearrange the furniture! I already have nightmarish visions of her jumping over the railing and down the stairs. Seriously, the idea terrifies me! So, one day, the dresser will go against the wall where our bed is instead.

  8. Yup… putting a dirty diaper right beside her head so she wouldn't stick her feet in it while I got her clean one on always felt really weird. But, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    White might be winning out, just because of all that sanding I would have to do in order to stain…

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