How To Make a Ring Sling

Years ago, my brother went on a trip to India and brought me back a beautiful length of cloth. I tucked it away at the time, lacking faith in my abilities to sew something I would love forever. It moved with my twice, living in totes, and bags, and finally, tucked in a corner with my stash of yarn. I assumed I would always be too afraid to mar that fabric.

And then, I was introduced to the world of babywearing and found myself drooling over the beauty and function of ring slings. The prices, however? Not so much. It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize that ring slings are so easy to DIY though. As I started thinking about pulling out my sewing machine, I realized I had the perfect length of fabric for the project.

What do you need?

2.5 yards of fabric, though you can probably get away with just 2 if you’re petite.
Matching thread*
1 set of aluminum sling rings. I got mine from, through eBay. If you’re in the States, check out instead. In my research, I also heard a few DIYers found appropriate rings at their local hardware stores, meant for harnessing horses.
A sewing machine. Or a needle if you’d like to hand sew.*

*If you choose a type of fabric that isn’t going to fray much, you won’t need to worry about these items. This can be a no sew project.

Cut your fabric to size.

Tip: To make sure you get a straight edge, snip the fabric, then tear it instead of cutting the rest of the way.

Hem the ends. If you’re lazy like me, don’t bother ironing the finished edge.

Thread your rings.

Up through both.

Down through the bottom ring and over the top ring.

Place the ring on your shoulder with the short tail under the long one and the fabric hanging down your back. Without twisting it, bring the larger tail across your back to your front to thread the rings again at the front.

Pull the tail up through both rings, then down through the bottom ring.

Pop your baby in!

Isabel doesn’t love it. I wish otherwise, but she’s not a huge fan of being worn. I don’t know why and I don’t really know how to change it. I’ll keep trying out this sling, slipping her into it a few times a day and see if it grows on her or not. If not? So be it.

(Suggestions appreciated!)

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0 thoughts on “How To Make a Ring Sling

  1. Leo didn't like being in a wrap, either. I think he felt squished, and hot (summer babes!). He did like a Baby Bjorn though, which I found uncomfortable. We switched to an Ergo and love it, still using it at 14 months and counting!

  2. Keep trying! Evelyn went through spurts of hating certain wraps/carriers, but then came to love it. Also, babywearing in the summer can be a hot sticky mess. Evelyn loved it a whole lot more in the cooler months! Your ring sling is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful!
    Same here with baby G – doesn't like to be carried in the carrier for too long:( I don't even regret buying a sling or not getting it as a gift. Maybe not all babies like it?

  4. That fabric is beautiful! I got the ERGOBaby carrier. I'm hoping my little man likes it – those things aren't cheap! You're smart to make your own!

    I've been super busy the last week with unpacking and setting up the baby's stuff, but maybe we could meet up early next week? Let me know 🙂

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