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A Garage Sale Day and Some New Treasures

Our neighbour is moving. (Sadly, not the neighbour that caused all the drama a couple months ago. The neighbour on the other side.) They are neighbours who welcomed us onto the street with open arms three years ago. Neighbours who invited us to backyard barbecues and shared flats of vegetables for our gardens. Awesome neighbours. I’m going to miss them.

This past weekend, they took over our mutual driveway with tables, desks, and dressers, and filled them with all the trinkets of a yard sale, a lifetime of collections her father had tucked away in the basement. We added in a table or two of our own, our meager offerings paling in amount and value. In exchange for a little help, they happily let us peruse their offerings, and, at the end of the weekend, I was pretty thrilled to find a few little treasures to tuck away myself.

Two books for Isabel: a mint condition Golden Anniversary Edition of The Wind In The Willows and The Children’s Illustration Book of Poetry.

A rocking chair to sit next to her crib, a magic thing that seems to put her to sleep the moment I settle in with her tucked in the crook of my arm.

A stack of copper plated pots. These had caught the Husband’s eye early on and, when someone else offered up $5, he jumped in with his own offer of $10. When no counter offer came, our neighbours set the pans aside for us and promptly refused to take our money.

The only one with any markings is the largest frying pan.

Towards the end of the day, my eye fell on a little yellow box. It was a little dirty, unused for a long time. A Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library. Inside, little recipe cards full of recipes from the 1970s, ranging from ridiculous, to disgusting, to classic, to potential new favourites.

The yard sale itself blew me away. Saturday seemed like a steady stream of people poking through tables of knick knacks, searching for the valuables among the rest. From 8 to 1:30, when rain clouds threatened and we all closed up shop, the little garage sale aisles were full of treasure hunters. We didn’t have much in the way of treasure to bring them in and, with the way I insist on a more-or-less knick knack free home, we never will, so it was fun to add our few things to our neighbour’s piles just so we can experience it.

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