One Month

Isabel is one month old today.

Sleeping: She only makes me get up one time in the night these days. Of course, night time doesn’t start for her until 11 or 12. But, I’m grateful for the nights she gives me 3-4 hour stretches of sleep. On the nights she doesn’t, we both love snuggling down in bed after the Husband goes to work and napping the morning away.

Eating: She’s growing, and growing well, which means eating is going well. Some days, a little too well. Even when it’s going well, breastfeeding is not always fun, especially when she decides to go through a growth spurt and doesn’t want to do anything all day but feed and fuss.

Pooping: I can’t talk about how she’s doing without talking about this! Because she’s eating so well, she’s doing a really good job of making diapers too. I’ve got an order in for a few cloth diapers in order to try them out and see if we might want to switch over. Feel free to share any advice and experience you have with them! I’m a little nervous about transitioning, but I hate how much garbage we’re making right now.

Growing: I started my first box of clothes she’s grown out of earlier this week. It doesn’t contain a lot yet, since we avoided buying newborn sized clothes as much as possible, but even a few of her 0-3 month sized outfits seem to be getting a little tight on her. At this rate, she won’t make it to 3 months before she’s fitting into all 3-6 month sizes. I’m going to need to go shopping soon.

And, what about me?

Sleeping: I am. I get less, yes, but I feel way more rested these days than I did when I was pregnant. However, I fade faster. I get worn out by 6 pm or so, right about when Isabel decides to wake up and fuss and cluster feed until midnight.

Eating: I do. A lot. Maybe too much. But, post partum eating when breastfeeding is confusing. I need to keep my calorie intake up in order to keep my supply up, but it can be hard to find a moment and the free hand to make a proper, healthy meal, especially since Isabel’s eating schedule always seems to end up being the same as mine. So, I end up eating a lot of things that aren’t good for me: cookies, squares, brownies, all the goodies left over from the baptism on the weekend.

Staying Sane: I read if I can keep my eyes open during middle of the night feedings. I watch Netflix while she sleeps on me and won’t let me put her down. I’ve reached out to our neighbours and other nearby moms in order to hold on to friendships and a little adult interaction. Some days, I do nothing but sit on the couch and snuggle her sweet self. I expect nothing more from myself.

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  1. Sounds like you're doing great.
    I'm cloth diapering my daughter, any questions feel free to email me or tweet me. 🙂 (@deeeeeb)

  2. i love our cloth diapers (we use rumparooz and bum genius) best decision we made pre-baby! they aren't much more work (maybe 2 loads of laundry a week at the newborn stage) and they save money in the long run and yes, it's a beautiful thing not filling up the trash bin every day 🙂

  3. I love the photo of Isabel sleeping. Do we all look so happy when we're sleeping?? I'm glad you're doing well and are enjoying her so much.

  4. We used Thirties diaper covers (not the snapping ones) with unbleached cotton prefolds. They worked well for us and they were a smaller investment than the all-in-ones. But we knew we were only having one child at that point. All-in-ones might be a better choice if you're planning more kids later 🙂 As far as laundry, we washed them every other day regardless of how many she went through. She always wore disposable at night, though. Good luck! She's a beautiful little baby.

  5. Yep that all sounds about right! Hang in there, mama. You're doing a great job!! Oh and playdates kept me sane. Try to meet up with mums who have babies around the same age so you can chat about all the crazy stuff you're going through. I would treat it as my big outing for the day, and it would always make my days much brighter and interesting!

  6. Good for you! I totally agree with Gemma – hanging with moms and babies who are the same age is key to realizing how amazing little Isabel is! I love cloth diapers. Can fill you in next week but check out my friend's blog post about twins – if she can do it… 😉

    Sounds like everything is going just as it should – keep eating, get some protein in there (cook extra eggs or meat always) and you will be good to go 🙂

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