8 Months Pregnant and a Biker Babe

This past weekend, we did something completely unexpected for a young couple expecting their first baby. We bought a motorcycle.

Nope, not kidding. This motor on two wheels belongs to us. Well, the Husband to be specific. The title of this post is a little misleading… My name will never grace the ownership and my butt will probably never touch the driver’s seat while moving. The little seat behind the driver though… perhaps one day I’ll screw up enough courage to swing my legs over that seat.

Why on earth did we decide that now, with only a month (give or take a week) before we welcome our first child into this world, would be a good time to buy a vehicle that is designed for only one, maybe two people to ride? Where is the car seat going to go?

Believe it or not, the decision does make some sense. We had two reasons:

  1. The Husband has wanted to have his own bike for years. He got his motorcycle license at the same time as his driver’s license on the day he turned 16 and has loved motorbikes since. He would probably own one by now, but for the first couple years of our marriage, since we were under 25, living in a large city, with driving records that weren’t exactly shiny, the insurance on a bike would have been astronomical. Now, 4 years later, we’ve both past that 25 year mark, and waited out the driving infractions of our youth. Financially, there’s no longer a reason to wait. 
  2. We’re a one vehicle family. This has consistently worked pretty well for us. We only have one parking spot since a car can’t actually fit down our driveway, so getting a second car would require a monthly street parking permit. No matter. I take transit on a daily basis, and the Husband drives. I like taking transit. His office is not located nicely for transit. So, our arrangement works. But, with this baby on the way? I’ll be the first to admit that it will be nice to have access to a car over the warm weather months, even if I don’t use it often. Most of my friends live in other cities or on the outskirts where transit is spotty at best and I’ll be the first to admit to being a little nervous about lugging a huge stroller onto the subway. Having the car sitting in the driveway after the Husband has roared off on his motorcycle to work, even if I don’t get in it to go visiting, or use it for grocery shopping, etc. etc., I hope will keep the potential for the isolation of motherhood at bay.
So, we bought the Husband a bike! 
It’s a 1985 Yamaha Maxim 750, purchased from a very sweet elderly man who was only selling it because he couldn’t pass the written motorcycle test when it was time to renew his license. It’s showing it’s age a bit, and needs a really good polishing, but the price was amazing and, since we were willing to drive a ways out in order to see it, the competition for it was less fierce than bikes being sold within city limits. It runs well, and should be a decent summer commuting bike for the Husband. This week, we’re working on arranging our insurance, completing the safety testing, and changing over the ownership. And, by next week the Husband should be riding the bike he’s been waiting so patiently for.
Do they make leather bubble wrap bodysuits for motorcyclists? I think I’d really like to buy him one.
(Kidding. Kind of.)
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