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Attic of Awesome: A Little Functionality

There is not much left to do in the attic. We’ve been living comfortably under those sloping ceilings for approximately 4 months, working away as time allows on the little projects left on the list. A couple weekends ago, after about 3.5 months of living with our clothes in the closet of the main floor bedroom, we finally turned our attention to making our low master suite closets functional.

The doors had, thankfully, been hung for a while, so we haven’t been staring into empty closets for too long. We, luckily, discovered that standard sized bi-fold doors, cut before the bottom panel were the perfect size for our closet openings. Inside the closets, however, we faced a myriad of challenges.

  • Height: We had approximately 41″ to work with at the back of the slopey closet. Not a lot. 
  • Depth: In order to maximize closet space as much as possible, we made the closets a little deeper than your standard closet. We wanted to make sure we made use of every little space in the closet as possible.
  • Price: With our dimension challenges, nothing standard was going to work. How much was a custom closet going to cost us?
We went to Home Depot more than once and hemmed and hawed over our options. We liked the idea of using rails on the wall to come up with a custom solution, but none of the rails seemed to be the right length for our wall, and the few that we thought could make work didn’t come with pieces that we liked to mix and match. As minutes in the organizing aisle became dangerously close to hours, we were both getting frustrated. 
Let’s keep it simple, we said to each other. All this other stuff is far too complicated. Here, some rods for hanging clothes. A few cubby shelves for clothes. Do we need anything more? I spent that Saturday afternoon putting together flat packed furniture, and finished up on Sunday with the Husband’s help, to get the rods put up. 
Simple it is. We bought 2 six cubicle shelves and 2 nine cubicle shelves, all made by Martha Stewart, and all cheap. I spaced them out through the closet, then attached the rods to the sides of those shelves to span the full, long length of the closet. The configuration can yet change a bit: I may claim more rod space for the Husband and I, taking it from the baby’s section, since how many outfits that need to be hung does one baby need? But, for now, I’m pretty happy with it. And, pretty happy that I longer have my clothes scattered all over the house, some in the attic, some in the main floor bedroom, some in the laundry closet… 
Obviously, these aren’t all my clothes. Most of them have been packed up into a ginormous rubber bin, waiting for the day I can respectably fit into them again. 
Please follow!