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This Dusty Pregnancy: 33 Weeks

33 weeks.

7 more to go, give or take.

I haven’t done many of these posts. Originally, I wanted to post a bump picture and update every single week, à la every single other pregnant blogger out there. I wanted to be able to document baby’s development, my thoughts about pregnancy, and the changes in the attic as they happened around me all at once. But, when it came down to it, I had very little energy to take that bump picture every week, and I surprised myself to discover that I didn’t have nearly as much to say about bringing a child into this world as I thought I might.

In some ways, I think I’m likely avoiding thinking too deeply about it. I’m avoiding thinking about the pain of labour. I’m avoiding thinking about bringing the baby home into the lazy chaos of my life. I’m avoiding acknowledging the uncertainty such a little life brings to my predictable stability. The Husband and I will take all of these things as they come, new experience by new experience, moment by moment.

But, how am I feeling? Depends on the day, depends on the hour. Recent blood tests came back perfect except for my iron levels, which were just below the normal range. Not uncommon, but it means I have difficulty dragging myself through the day sometimes, especially if I forget my every-other-day iron pill. My feet ache all the time, and I’m a little concerned that I should have taken my wedding rings off a week or two back, rather than allowing my fingers to swell up around them. But, I still feel more or less myself, even if I feel I no longer look it.

And, are we ready? Not even close. Yes, our crib is set up. We’ve even got baby’s closet all ready to go. (Post on that coming up!) But, beyond that, our home is still pretty devoid of preparations for a little one. No diapers, no swaddling blankets, no hospital bag waiting by the door, no car seat already strapped in. All these things will come in the next few weeks with a trip or two to Babies’R’Us.

In the meantime, one day at a time. The end is coming, but not quite yet.

(PS. I got new glasses! The dogs ate my old ones, and, since I couldn’t imagine wanting to labour in contact lenses, I ordered the cheapest pair I could get from Clearly Contacts. Only $100! For someone who is used to spending $450-$600 on a pair of glasses, it felt like a bit of steal. Still getting used to them, but I think I like them!)

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