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A Laundry Closet That’s Actually A Closet

For months and months – wait, years? – our washer and dryer have been sitting under the stairs in a laundry closet that had yet to be built.

For 3 years, it’s always been a plan to hide them. After all, they create a lot of visual clutter that I’ve never been fond of. Originally, we planned to stack them, but the more I used them, the less I enjoyed the process of getting wet clothes from the washer up into the dryer. Unstacked it was.

With our stairs in place and the upstairs more or less liveable, the Husband turned his attention to the laundry closet. He quickly ran into a problem.

Originally, when he created the hole in the ceiling for the stairs, he made it with the washer and dryer in mind. Unfortunately, he forgot to calculate in the width of the wall. There was no way the washer and dryer would fit in a closet made under these stairs. We considered our options. A bump out maybe? Could we somehow made it look purposeful and not like a mistake?

But wait, I thought, looking at the washer and dryer critically for a moment. Are they as wide as they are deep? What if we turned them?

The new configuration saved our butts completely. We turned the washer and dryer to face each other, creating a walk-in laundry closet. Totally different than the original plan, but it’s possible that I love it even more. The wall went up on the weekend, and it’s amazing the difference it makes in our space.

The house is still a mess of leftover bits of construction and paint splotches for dramatic wall ideas we’re considering, but maybe it’s coming together. Some paint, some trim; we’re getting there.

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