Friday, February 7, 2014

Attic of Awesome: Nearly There

This is a picture of Kingsley licking himself in a way that should never be caught on camera.

More importantly, this is a picture of our very nearly finished attic!

My parents came to visit, and, while my mom (and aunt) and I headed out into the cold to tour Toronto and its many yarn stores, my dad and the Husband stayed home and laid flooring. I love it.

We chose to go with a different wood than the bamboo floors we installed on the main floor. When we bought our bamboo flooring almost two years ago, we got an incredible deal on it, an incredible deal that no longer existed. Not having the same flooring on the second floor was absolutely OK with me. As much as I love the dark floors downstairs, I have always found them to be just a little too dark. They're impossible to keep clean, showing every single paw print and dog hair in stark contrast. Most of the time, we give up on our floors and live with the imperfection, but every so often, those dark floors get under my skin.

So, upstairs, we went with a dark floor again, but this one has a lot more variation, a strong warm grain that I hope will hide things a little better, or, at the very least, stay looking clean for more than five minutes after a washing.

We've been living up here for a few weeks now. It's taken a little adjustment, to be honest. The bathroom seems so far away, no longer across the hall from our room. This room is also at the front of the house, so it never gets as dark as our back bedroom, what with streetlights shining through the windows. I'm on the hunt for perfectly dark black-out curtains. I grew up in the country, after all, where light pollution doesn't much exist.

But, none-the-less, it's cozy. It's the warmest room in the house, and the radiators aren't even hooked up yet. There's plenty of space, and the dogs have each figured out their own sleeping spots around us.

What do we have left to do up here? The list keeps getting shorter and shorter.

  • Install radiators. With off switches. According to code, we need them. According to the sweat I wake up in at 1:30am, we most certainly do not.
  • Paint. I'm completely stuck on colours and even how to paint. Knee walls and sloping ceilings the same colour or different? Accent walls? Stripes or wallpaper?
  • Install trim. Including closet doors. Not sure yet what we're doing with this. Byfold doors cut in half, perhaps?
  • Finish stairs. We're hiring this one out. We've built solid rough stairs, and will be hiring a local company to 'refinish' them with proper wood nosings, risers, and bannisters.
  • Build and drywall closet under the stairs.
Seems manageable to finish in the next few months, right?


  1. Heather from Ontario CanadaFebruary 8, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    Your attic bedroom looks INCREDIBLE! I love your floor ! I'd not even change the walls. Keep it all one colour and decorate with some pictures. It's very calming right now .As as for Kingsley , a dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do **grin**

  2. Looking amazing!! It has come such a long way!

  3. Wow! It's looking great. I knew it was big from your previous descriptions, but seeing the chairs really puts it in perspective. They look so small compared to when they were downstairs! As far as the sweat - I was sweaty at night until I stopped nursing...ugh. Hope you are feeling well these days.

  4. Wow, I know that you both have to be excited! I've been following this project, and I'm glad that your perseverance is starting to pay off! My wife and I have been following your blog since she was looking for cost efficient wedding ideas. We have since renovated our own house and have a blog that is on similar topics. Thanks for all of your inspiration. It would be an honor if you stopped by our site sometime. Many blessings! Neil Crane