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Shifting Focus: Bamboo floors finding completion

I have much to show you in the attic. This weekend was a productive one for the Husband! But, while those changes may be exciting, I cannot allow myself to forget the changes we’ve made on the main floor of the house, changes that have been so very crucially important in reaching completion with this whole renovation.

For a very long time, our dining area has looked like this:

Even though we took a wall down months ago, during the spring, our main floor space still felt very delineated. We lived with a scar down the centre of our living space for a long time as we focused our energies first on our basement waterproofing efforts, then on our curb appeal, and now on our attic. Over the Christmas break, we took some big steps towards getting rid of that line down the middle of our house, and pulling the space together into a home that flows, living room into dining room, dining room into kitchen.

The rest of the bamboo floor is down!

No longer is there a little lip, stepping down from the bamboo floor to sub-floor, an irritating line that caused stubbed toes and nearly twisted ankles on more than one occasion. No longer does the floor visually break up the rooms of our house, preventing smooth movement around the open concept space.

We still have lots to finish yet.

The stairs must be refinished, the closet for the washer and dryer studded in and built, the walls patched where the plumbing for our attic radiators runs, artwork properly hung, instead of tossed on a random nail to get it out of the way. But getting these floors down felt like a big job that took our house from construction zone to nearly finished. As the attic comes together, so does this space, and maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll live in one of those houses that looks new and polished, well put-together, and beautiful.

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