A Little Pretty For Our Living Room

We’ve been pretty focused on our attic. So focused, there’s been a few changes on our main floor that have seemed so small in comparison, I’ve hardly noticed the impact they actually have had on our space.

One such change is this lamp:

Because we’ve been so focused on renovating for the past 2.5 years, I sometimes lose sight of the pretty things in our house. The gaping holes in the wall, the dust I can’t seem to keep off our floor, the drills, screws, and bits of spare wood stacked on our kitchen table, it’s hard to see the pretty things through it.

This lamp though. From the moment it landed on my door step, I was in love. It’s large, a bit of a statement piece, but it’s also on the delicate side because of the see-through wire base letting the light flow through it.

The arrival of the lamp forced a little improved organization of our house too. Previously, in its spot, I had a small bookcase, two of the shelves turned uselessly towards the couch, the other filled with the base and speakers of our monstrous, early 2000s era stereo. Since I now needed to find a place for this pretty thing, I tossed the terrible, cheap bookcase, and brought one of our old bedside dressers out of our bedroom to put in its place. A few extra trinkets, and the vignette seems complete enough to me.

It’s one little corner among the chaos in which I can clearly see the way our house might shape up, provided all these renovations finish before the baby comes and every nook and cranny gets filled up with brightly coloured plastic toys.

(I must add a thank you to this post, to Lamps.com, who sent me this lamp for review purposes. While the lamp was a gift, I promise I would not give something a positive review unless I actually appreciated the product.)

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