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A Crib Conundrum: The Jenny Lind

Way before I got pregnant, way before I even considered having kids, way before I ever looked at a nursery on purpose, I fell in love with a crib.

It’s the perfect crib. It’s simple, but not overly so. It comes in white, black, cherry, yellow, turquoise, and red. It meets all the safety standards in Canada and the USA. It’s affordable, with an easy-to-swallow price tag of anywhere from $150-220.

Fellow Toronto blogger Lindsay at Little House Blog used it four years ago in her son’s nursery.

Fellow Canadian blogger Christine at Just Bella used it in her nursery three years ago.

Target sells it. Walmart sells it. Babies’R’Us sells it.

Falling in love with this crib should not be a problem. Except, it is.

Lots of retailers sell the Jenny Lind by Davinci in the States. It’s easy to find and, since it has such a good price tag, seems to end up being a bit of a default for many. However, retailers don’t actually seem to keep these cribs in stock. Instead of wasting precious shelf space on such a large, but cheap item, they offer free shipping. To their American customers that is.

Switch over to the Canadian versions of their online sites and the Jenny Lind is nowhere to be found. carries it, but only if you’re willing to pay double the price. And, there seem to be few other manufacturers that have dipped their toes into the Jenny Lind style crib. The term ‘Jenny Lind’ refers to the design of the crib’s spindles and is, in no way, trademarked by Davinci, but despite the apparent popularity of the crib in the States, the only other manufacturers selling the style want at least $500 for it.

I’m trying really hard to swallow my disappointment and accept the Jenny Lind as an impossibility. The crib isn’t that important anyway. Another crib will do just fine. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter a single iota.

I figured all this out months ago. I should be over it by now. But, occasionally, I can’t seem to help starting the cycle over again, researching, combing blog after blog and message board after message board for a clue, a work-around. I have yet to find one that wouldn’t be such a hassle, it’s no longer worth it.

Why do I keep coming back to these delicate spindles? Is this just about a crib? Or, is it merely a distraction from thinking about the life that those spindles will keep safe in sleep, a distraction from thinking about the incredible responsibility that is only a few months away?

Update, April 30, 2014: There’s more to this story! 

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