A Crib Conundrum: The Jenny Lind

Way before I got pregnant, way before I even considered having kids, way before I ever looked at a nursery on purpose, I fell in love with a crib.

It’s the perfect crib. It’s simple, but not overly so. It comes in white, black, cherry, yellow, turquoise, and red. It meets all the safety standards in Canada and the USA. It’s affordable, with an easy-to-swallow price tag of anywhere from $150-220.

Fellow Toronto blogger Lindsay at Little House Blog used it four years ago in her son’s nursery.

Fellow Canadian blogger Christine at Just Bella used it in her nursery three years ago.

Target sells it. Walmart sells it. Babies’R’Us sells it.

Falling in love with this crib should not be a problem. Except, it is.

Lots of retailers sell the Jenny Lind by Davinci in the States. It’s easy to find and, since it has such a good price tag, seems to end up being a bit of a default for many. However, retailers don’t actually seem to keep these cribs in stock. Instead of wasting precious shelf space on such a large, but cheap item, they offer free shipping. To their American customers that is.

Switch over to the Canadian versions of their online sites and the Jenny Lind is nowhere to be found. Amazon.ca carries it, but only if you’re willing to pay double the price. And, there seem to be few other manufacturers that have dipped their toes into the Jenny Lind style crib. The term ‘Jenny Lind’ refers to the design of the crib’s spindles and is, in no way, trademarked by Davinci, but despite the apparent popularity of the crib in the States, the only other manufacturers selling the style want at least $500 for it.

I’m trying really hard to swallow my disappointment and accept the Jenny Lind as an impossibility. The crib isn’t that important anyway. Another crib will do just fine. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter a single iota.

I figured all this out months ago. I should be over it by now. But, occasionally, I can’t seem to help starting the cycle over again, researching, combing blog after blog and message board after message board for a clue, a work-around. I have yet to find one that wouldn’t be such a hassle, it’s no longer worth it.

Why do I keep coming back to these delicate spindles? Is this just about a crib? Or, is it merely a distraction from thinking about the life that those spindles will keep safe in sleep, a distraction from thinking about the incredible responsibility that is only a few months away?

Update, April 30, 2014: There’s more to this story! 

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  1. I could have written this exact post three months ago! I spent so, so many hours trying to find a Jenny Lind crib in Canada and came up with what you did. I was devastated and resisted finding another crib for as long as I could but now that I have my baby girl, it doesn't seem that important at all, I promise!

  2. I looked at this crib too. Some stores, including Target I think, will let you ship to store for pick up. Would it be possible for you to do that to a Buffalo store and drive down to pick up?

  3. I was going to mention the same as Abby, depending on the price in Canada & US figure out the extra tax and determine if it would be worth it? Also, when you go to Buffalo from what I was told they can't nab you baby clothes for taxes. While you are there you can pick up some other baby stuff and clothes which are WAY cheaper! Might be worth it to take a day trip with your hubby.

  4. Ship it to us! We can bring it up at the beginning of May! It will mean a little deferred gratification in nursery nesting, but our shipping is free. 🙂

  5. You can find it. Don't give up your dream!!!
    I went through the same thing in 2012 for my son. Try Wayfair.com we got our Jenny Lind crib from there. It was the only site I could find that shipped to Canada. It was by Dream On Me, not Davinci. Even paying for shipping It was still cheaper than the one place in Toronto that I had heard of that can order it (where Lindsay got hers-Dear-Born Baby). It has been great we are really happy with it. If you are thinking of ikea (which is also nice and affordable) consider that it is shorter. This is great when they are young and don't move much so putting them in is easier on your back (or if you are short). But when they get older and trying to climb out the taller crib is better. Our son is 22 months and hasn't even attempted it yet. Our friends with Ikea cribs are now facing that reality. Best of luck!

  6. Can it be? I think I love you! It looks like YES! Wayfair.com will ship to me! I thought I had checked this option out, but apparently not! Thank you! It looks like a few other options have come out of the wood work which we'll certainly explore, but you have definitely revealed a very good backup!

    My sister has an Ikea crib and mentioned that it's shorter, but she thought that was a good thing. Didn't mention anything about my nephew trying to climb out. Hmm… more to think about!

  7. Heya!! I love that crib – so sweet. It sounds like you might have figured out shipping to you through Wayfair, but just a note about going down to the States and then bringing it back — I called the border folks because I was in the same predicament with a crib I *really* wanted (a 'babymod' one from Walmart of all places) and they were pretty strict about bringing cribs across the border – even if they meet Cdn guidelines. You can always risk it, but if you get a not-so-nice border guy then you might be stuck leaving it there.
    It's a completely different style, but I have been really really pleased with the Sundvik crib we got at IKEA. Clean lines, a nice white-washed look, etc.

    ALSO… I can't remember if I actually posted a big 'CONGRATS' on here when you announced your pregnancy!!! So… congratulations! I hope you're feeling well 🙂

  8. Thanks Gemma!

    See, in my researching, I had discovered this same thing, so I hadn't really considered it too much of an option, but so many people have suggested it… either way, it's not a problem anymore. We've got the crib situation figured out! I'll update about it… eventually!

  9. Fellow Torontonian here— bought my Jenny Lind crib 2 years ago at The Babyshack in Whitby– worth a call to them. Good luck!

  10. I was so stocked to have found one on Craigslist, for cheap. Had my stepmom pick it up since it was from Vancouver and I'm from Vancouver Island. Just opened the box today and it's not even the right style Jenny lind, it;s from 2005 so I guess since then they have change body styles 🙁 So upset right now, I'm pretty sure the model I just received has even been recalled! I guess that's what you get from buying off of craigslist without seeing the product yourself 🙁


  11. Aw, how disappointing! What style of Jenny Lind is it? Technically, Jenny Lind refers to the spindle style.

    I've now found one on Craigslist as well. It's from 2006, and would have originally been recalled, but the company 'fixed' it by providing immobilizers for the drop side. I may have a whole post coming on this soon… but, if you can live with the style, get in touch with the company to see if there's a kit to fix the side. If the style is absolutely not what you want… at least it was cheap, so throwing it out and starting over might not be too big a deal?

  12. I could have written this post myself back in 2012, glad I'm not the only one. I see that you already found a solution – but in case anybody else comes across this, I'll mention how I got my Jenny Lind. I wanted to order from Walmart.com and ship to the store in Buffalo – they wouldn't accept my Canadian credit cards. I ended up driving to Buffalo to buy a US Walmart gift card, came home and ordered off the walmart site – then went back to Buffalo to pick it up a few weeks later…lol. Was it worth it? YES! I love that crib so much, I still admire it daily and it has been almost 2 years. I'm now on the hunt for a twin size Jenny Lind – which is why I stumbled upon here. Oh, the hours I waste searching 🙂

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