The Attic of Awesome: Zoning the Space

Our attic renovation has, more or less, become a blank slate. Drywalled, primed and waiting for paint, bare subfloor, waiting for some kind of finished floor, a window waiting for trim and treatments.

Now is the time to start making decisions. We need to figure some things out, design-wise, in order to wrap up this renovation. There are paint colours to choose, floors to install, art to hang, and furniture to purchase. There’s a lot to think about.

We know this room will have two or three zones. It’s a big space – 320 square feet – and in our tiny house, that much space can’t have just one purpose. Getting each zone to work together and feel cohesive will be a challenge, but not one that I think is outside of our capabilities.

Zone A: The bedroom. Our quiet night-time retreat. We already know that the bed will live under the window. In fact, being the impatient people we are, we’ve already moved it there. We also know that our current bed frame, with the high headboard, is not going to cut it. We need something low, something that doesn’t block the light from entering the room in any way. This means that, for a long time, our bed will live on the floor until we find something perfect.

Zone B: The nursery. Because our house is so tiny, for the first 6 months to a year (allowing for the flexibility children require), our little one will nap, sleep, feed, and be changed in this room. The crib and changing table will live against the east wall beneath the slope, just a few steps from my side of the bed. I’ve considered room dividers, or gauzy layers of curtains to give us the illusion of a little separation, but I’m not sure how this zone will work in the space, considering I have no crib, change table, or baby to test it all out with.

Zone C: The dressing room. Some days, I am truly jealous of those who have the luxury of a full dressing room in the form of a ginormous walk-in closet or an extra, unneeded room. With three closets along the back wall of this room, I should have plenty of closet space for my wardrobe, but I’ve always wanted a space of my own to do the rest of my morning routine, the hair, the make-up. We have one tiny bathroom to share and not nearly enough counter space. So, into this room, I want to incorporate a little make-up table, along the opposite side of the room, against where the railing will one day stand. There will be just enough space for a narrow table and a little stool or chair, with a full length mirror on the wall at the top of the stairs. In the future, once the little one is a little older and in need of his or her own room, this space will become an office space instead – or as well as – adding in filing cabinets, a printer, and all manner of household papers.

Knowing what we want and what we need from this space is the first step, right? From here, we’ll determine the atmosphere we want to develop in order to tie in all three zones. We may have progressed to our blank slate, but I feel like we have a long way to go yet. We’ll get there, but yes, there’s a long way to go.

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