Attic of Awesome Update: Drywall!

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to send your best wishes our way following our big announcement this week. We are beyond excited for the big changes coming our way, and I’m looking forward to being able to share some of the journey with you.

Many of you pointed out how timely our attic renovation has been. Indeed, it has been! We’re fortunate, in that the attic should be finished in plenty of time to allow us to shift our focus to getting ready for this baby. Over the next couple months, our house should stop feeling rough and unfinished, and become more polished, clean and welcoming.

We’ve been forging ahead, hoping to meet some major milestones in time for Christmas. This year, rather than traveling into the snowy snowbelt for Christmas, my parents are joining us here in Toronto for a couple days. (I will miss seeing some real snow at Christmas… Toronto can never seem to keep its white coat around.) We want to make sure they have a proper place to sleep, complete with a little privacy, a real bed, real sheets, and a bedside table or two. Of course, this means a bit of a scramble to get the attic into a somewhat liveable condition.

On the weekend, my father-in-law came down and helped Mark put the heavier bits of drywall up on the ceiling and walls. I helped Saturday, before he arrived, but it quickly became clear that I am a weakling who gets tired very easily these days, and getting those pieces of drywall up with me standing underneath them was going to take three times as long. I relegated myself to mudding while they took care of the rest.

And, this is where we are now. Every night this week, the Husband has mudded. And these have not been easy joints to mud. I’ve helped with a little sanding, every now and then, but he’s done the lion’s share of the work up here.

(Pardon our mess… we’re not done yet!)

Let’s take a look at the list again, shall we?

What we’ve finished

  • Reinforced the ceiling joists to support a floor. 
  • Reinforced the sagging roof joists.
  • Opened the ceiling to create a stairwell and installed temporary stairs.
  • Removed the last of the knob-and-tube in the house and re-ran electrical for the dining room and porch lights.
  • Installed a beam to support the main floor ceiling so we could take out a wall. 
  • Removed a wall on the main floor
  • Built knee-walls and framed in closets.
  • Finished installing electrical outlets. 
  • Spray foamed to insulate the space.
  • Drywalled
  • Installed pot lights.
What we have left to do
  • Install the radiators. (Not that the room needs them… it’s the warmest space in the house, even with the window unsealed! But, you know… building code and all that.)
  • Build a bannister.
  • Install a new window. (Booked for December 19)
  • Tape and mud. (In progress)
  • Paint.
  • Install the floors.
  • Hang curtains and move in.
  • (Figure out something for our irregularly shaped closet doors.) 
  • Build or buy a real set of stairs.

We won’t get all of the remaining items on our list finished in time for my parents to come visit, but we’re hoping to at least have the sanding finished and a coat of primer on the walls, so we can bring our spare bed in from the garage and set up a sweet little guest room space for them. Or move in ourselves, whichever pulls our fancy. 
Please follow!