Purple Marshmallow Candy, AKA Spray Foam

A short update for today: the attic has been spray foamed!

It looks odd. It feels odd. Each step along the way in this project has changed the atmosphere, but none quite so much as this one. Now, it feels smaller, now that the space between the joists is filled with purple hardened foam. The ceiling seems closer, even though there isn’t actually a difference at all.

On the same day as our insulation appointment, we had a window guy drop by to measure and placed an order for a beautiful, new, functioning, properly framed in window for the space. Installation is already booked for halfway through December.

Once we’ve had a quick visit from the city’s building inspector, we’ll be able to tackle drywall in a serious way. Once the window is in and the drywall is up, we’ve made an executive decision that we’ll be moving our bedroom up, even before the floor and the paint. We’ll turn our attention to the mess that is our main floor, patch the drywall, install the rest of the bamboo flooring, frame in and close up the laundry closet, and build a beautiful set of permanent stairs. Once that’s done, we’ll finish off the last few details in our upstairs space.

And then maybe we’ll take a break for a while.


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