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Diversions in Wood: Fixing the Siding

So, let’s recap.

Over the past few months, our Attic of Awesome project was waylaid by the need to waterproofed the basement apartment, which we did over the span of approximately 2 months, choosing to seal everything up from the inside, rather than digging down and doing a proper job of waterproofing around the exterior. While interior waterproofing is a pretty legit way to keep your basement dry for a few years relatively cheaply, parts of our exterior are in bad enough shape, we couldn’t just stop there.

In our investigations, the Husband did a little poking around, particularly around the mudroom exterior.

Spongy, soft wood. A little prod with a screw driver, and it sunk through the particle board. Our little mudroom was rotting away. We had no choice. Something had to be done. We needed new siding. Since the little room was never had any siding to begin with, we figured it was about time.

Can you see the lack of siding? I took this photo way back, one of the first few days we had possession of the house. That window? It’s been long gone. The mudroom was covered in the cheapest of the cheap particle board. It was certainly never mean to weather years and years of rain, snow and damp.

It took us a couple weeks. The Husband called for a quote or two, visited a lumber yard for pricing, weighed the pros and cons, and, finally, booked a few days off work. This was a task he was fairly certain he could tackle on his own, and even if it was hard, it would be worth it to learn a new skill. We were pleasantly surprised and grateful when his dad, who has helped us so much over the past few months on the house, took a few days off work himself to come to Toronto and help out.

On Friday afternoon, I came home to this:

Construction mess everywhere, but! A finished mudroom! That siding, oh, I love it! It matches the rest of the house, simple wood siding. As we figured out pricing and considered our options, the Husband waffled a little between vinyl and wood. Vinyl would have been far cheaper after all, and this is merely the back of our house. It’s not like people see it, and if we went with a simple white vinyl, we probably wouldn’t even have noticed the difference much. But, in the end, the experience of working with wood trumped the fake stuff, and I’m so glad the Husband made that decision. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Now, of course, we face a decision: painting!

Obviously, we should paint the one back wall section of the house white to match the rest of the house. But, what about the mudroom itself? Should we

a) Paint it white. Keep it simple. Leave the whole house white.
b) Stain it. Keep the beautiful texture of the wood! We can get away with some contrast on the little lean-to construction, so why wouldn’t we?

What do you think?

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