The Attic of Awesome, Taking Shape

It feels like it’s been taking a long time. It has been, really. Originally, we had planned a timeline that ensured we’d be moving our furniture into the attic come mid-June. Obviously, a little water prevented that plan from coming to fruition. By the time we finished fixing up the basement for our new tenants, we were exhausted, mentally and physically, from pushing ourselves to meet our deadlines

But now, we’re back at it. And guys? This attic. It’s going to be gorgeous.

With the help of the Husband’s dad, we have now completely finished the framing, put down subfloor, and almost finished wiring all of our outlets. It looks amazing.

Ok, a little messy. But oh. Just look at that dormer!

I love the look of the warm wood, the old contrasting with the brightness of the new. Of course, we can’t keep this look. We’ll be spray foaming to insulate, and then drywalling everything, so the intricacies of the framing will be gone.

You see our closets framed out, there in the above photo? There are three of those openings all along the back wall. Lots of storage, yes, but low. We’ll need to get a little creative, and I may need to learn a few organizational skills.

So, let’s do a quick run-down of what we’ve done here, and what we still have yet to do.

What we’ve finished

  • Reinforced the ceiling joists to support a floor. 
  • Reinforced the sagging roof joists.
  • Opened the ceiling to create a stairwell and installed temporary stairs.
  • Removed the last of the knob-and-tube in the house and re-ran electrical for the dining room and porch lights.
  • Installed a beam to support the main floor ceiling so we could take out a wall. 
  • Removed a wall on the main floor
  • Built knee-walls and framed in closets.
What we have yet to do
  • Finish installing electrical outlets. 
  • Spray foam to insulate the space.
  • Build a bannister.
  • Install a new window.
  • Drywall.
  • Install pot lights.*
  • Tape and mud. 
  • Paint.
  • Install the floors.
  • Hang curtains and move in.
  • (Figure out something for our irregularly shaped closet doors.) 
  • Build or buy a real set of stairs.
The list still seems long. But, the Husband is nearly finished with the electrical, and we’ll be hiring out the spray foaming. There’s a good chance we could be more or less finished within a month, and nearly a guarantee that we’ll be living in this room before Christmas. Things are looking good! 
* We realized early on that we won’t be able to do traditional pot lights, due to the shallow depth we have to work with in the ceiling joists. Pot lights that are installed in attics or close to the roof as ours would be require additional insulation around them. This insulation takes up more space than the 6 inches we have to work with. So, we’re going for LED puck lights instead. We tested them out this weekend, bought a single pack and strung them up. We’ll have plenty enough light with 8 or so installed!
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