basement apartment

The Basement Apartment: Painted!

Remember this? 

Nearly a month ago, I shared this teaser of the colour we were painting one of our tenant’s rooms. Then, I fell into this pit of stress that included rushing to finish the space up, worrying about the type of people who were moving in, and navigating through the actual moving in process. I don’t think I was fully prepared for the upheaval of having one set of awesome tenants move out, while another, unknown set moved in.

One month in with our new tenants and I think I’m feeling comfortable again.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of you pleasant readers that reminded me that I haven’t shared the photos of the finished basement apartment. It’s not like it’s an overly exciting space to see – after all, when I took the final photos, it was empty, finally ready for new residents. This time around, because we had tenants lined up months in advance and knew we needed to paint anyway, we gave them the option of paint colours. We had each of them check out CIL’s paint colours and let us know which paint chip they wanted. This meant we got to paint the apartment in some really fun colours.

For the main room, they chose a colour called Green Tea. I loved it. It is bright enough for the basement space, while still remaining colourful and fun. Above is the view of the apartment as you come through the door. It’s a long, narrow space, just like our space upstairs used to be, before we took down the wall. The door at the end of the room leads to the tenant’s laundry room and the utility room.

Walk into the apartment, spin around, and you can see the kitchen.

We put this kitchen in when we first moved in. The plumbing and gas rough-ins were there, so all we needed to do was source cabinets and appliances to put them in. You can read more about that whole process here.

I love how the mint green colour brings out the red in the cabinets.

Now, the bedrooms.

Lake Huron for one.

And Racy Red for the other.

Such bold colours, and so different from each other! Admittedly, I was a little nervous about how these two roommate will get along when I realized how different in personality they are. The thing about being a landlord? Roommate relations is not my problem. This is something I’ve needed to remind myself of a few times over the past few weeks.

I am settling into fall, happy to have the unit filled, happy that our house is mostly peaceful and stress free again. The Attic of Awesome is back on track, and we’re getting a few other projects around this place done before winter.

It feels like things are falling into place.

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