Four Rooms: Thinking Artwork

Finally, our basement waterproofing saga has come to and end. Everything is dry and sealed up, painted, scrubbed, and, once again, occupied. Those details are for a different post. Today, I’m excited to turn our attention back upstairs. It feels like we’ve been living with the scars of renovation for a long time. In fact, it feels like we’ll continue living with those scars for, well… a long time.

In reality, it will probably only be another month or two before our main floor will be better than ever and our attic bedroom will be more or less ready to live in. A month or two! It will go quickly, or, at least, I hope it will. And then, the decorating will begin! I’m hoping we’ll have a little budget left over from the renovations to put towards a few pretty details around the house.

Perhaps some art. At the moment, this is the only piece gracing our walls:

Believe it or not, it was a curb-side find. I love it. It goes with the room perfectly. It’s just the right size for over our TV. But, we’ve got at least three other walls to think about, and I want some art that will maybe stand out a bit, be a conversation piece.

But not too much of a conversation piece. And… let’s not break the bank here. So, I’ve been doing my research, and realized, duh! I could get a painting online! Naturally, I fell into a bit of a  rabbit hole, sorting through collection after collection of gorgeous work.

This one, perhaps, for the room that will become our office? I feel like I could find inspiration in the leaves if I stared at it long enough.

For the kitchen wall, something a little unexpected, perhaps? I love the juxtaposition of the colourful butterfly against the grey sky and the harsh lines of the power lines in this watercolour:
And finally, for the bedroom… I don’t know. I feel like the bedroom needs something really special, something that honours an atmosphere of comfort and sanctuary. At the same time, I just kind of really love this painting of a penguin with teacups on its head.
Don’t misunderstand: when I say ‘art’, I’m totally talking prints here. There’s no way our tiny renovation budget is going to have the leftovers needed for one of these original paintings. The Husband and I aren’t quite at a point in which we’re willing to drop so much on something to hang on our walls. But, prints? Yes! Any one of these could be gorgeous. 
Do you have art? Where did you get it? What do you think about the prints vs. paint-on-canvas thing?

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  1. Have you tried Etsy? There might be some reasonably-priced original art there…I found a few reasonably priced things (print & original) for the kid's rooms (we are fortunate to also have some paintings by Chris' grandfather to hang on our walls).

  2. I try to pick things up on vacations. That way I decorate my walls and have lots of reminders of fun trips. Plus if you get things at markets or from street artists, you can get 'originals' pretty inexpensively! Obviously this isn't a short-term strategy that you could implement, but its a nice way to collect things over the long term.

    I also like to print out vacation photos, put them in frames (hooray for Ikea Ribba frames), and arrange them on the wall. They aren't professional art, but again, they remind me of fun things we've done, and spectacular places we've seen.

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