Weekend Progress: Renovating at a Leisurely Pace

The days to our tenants’ move-in date are ticking down fast. We are nearly ready for them – we have one room left to paint, some trim to nail on around the new windows, and lots of cleaning to power through. It’s going to be another long week, but it will all be worth it in the end.

(Once we’re there, once we’re finished, I hope to give you all an update tour of our basement apartment, but, if you’re curious, you can check out this tour, circa 2011.)

I spent Saturday morning painting trim and adding a little extra mud to the wall to fill in some nail holes and drywall patches. Mud takes a while to dry, which it must do, thoroughly, before you can sand, which you must do, thoroughly before you can paint. I oh so wished I could have gotten to that painting. This is why:

Yup. We’re painting one of the bedrooms in our rental unit fuchsia. It’s a gorgeous colour. It’s called ‘Racy Red’ by CIL, but I definitely see a lot more pink than red in it. So bright. So bold. Because we were going to be painting anyway, we gave our tenants their choice of colours. The owner of this bedroom was shocked when I wholeheartedly agreed to go with fuchsia, as long as she picked out the swatch – it was not something I wanted to get wrong! I am so excited to see it on the walls and, I may admit, I’m eyeing the walls of a closet. We’ll have just enough left over so, why not?

Saturday afternoon, I came upstairs to this mess:

We had been living with one half of our space beautifully finished in a dark bamboo floor. The other half was the original hardwood, scuffed and worn through the varnish. Last week, it was time to get rid of it. Of course, that meant moving everything and condensing it into one side of our tiny little house.

Here’s the trick to living in your house while you’re renovating: get used to it. Whatever it is. Piles of tools. Dust. Most of your possessions crammed into 300 square feet of space. Just, get used to it.

And then, clean up. We were having guests over on Sunday, so once the old flooring was gone, everything needed to magically get put back to normal.

In was a long day, but in the end, worth it. We have so little left to do in the basement, I find myself no longer stressing out about it. Even the list of things remaining for the attic seems manageably short. Soon, I’ll be making design plans for our office/guest room and, of course, our attic suite. I’ll be living in a house full of closets. I’ll be able to budget for pretty things instead of studs and windows. And, most importantly, I’ll have my evenings back, for cooking delicious food and putting my feet up to knit.

Please follow!