Kingsley and the Cone of Shame

Fleas haven’t much freaked us out around here. We have a cat who wanders the street, cavorting with the neighbourhood strays, and two dogs who visit the dog park on a regular basis. Fleas are gonna happen. Admittedly, the first time Mocha got them, I freaked out a little bit. But, after I realized how easy it is to eradicate them (a round of Revolution for everyone for a few months and some serious bed sheet washing), I stopped worry about them.

Except, the last time our pets came down with a case of the critters, we didn’t have Kingsley.

This time around, by the time we realized we were too late with our Revolution treatments, Kingsley was already going nuts. Mocha had never reacted so severely to flea bites. A little research and we learn that some dogs are highly allergic to the saliva of fleas. Apparently, our boy is one of those dogs.

It nearly broke my heart when we found the spot. It was hidden in his fur, which is growing longer and longer, even though he’s still be shedding fine white hairs all over the house. We knew he had been itching a little more than usual, but by the time we realized how serious it was, he had already licked his skin raw. We trimmed it up, disinfected, and picked up a little bling for him at the pet store.

And, now he’s sporting a fancy green cone of shame. It seems unfair, punishing Kingsley for our mistake. He runs into door jams. He gets his cone caught on the edge of the bed when he jumps onto it. He can’t snuggle his head into the pillows on the couch like he used to.  I suppose watching him struggle around the house is our punishment, but it hardly seems sufficient.

Thankfully, everything is healing up nicely. And, we’ve learned our lesson: no more slack on the flea treatments!

Happy weekend! We’ll be painting and getting everything clean and shining in the basement for our new tenants. And, hopefully there will be plenty of sleep in there… I’ve come down with a nasty cold and I’d really like to shake it soon.

Please follow!