Attic of Awesome Update: What We’re Living In

My house is scarred. Sounds dramatic, but I don’t know how else to describe it.

When the inspector came the first time, he instructed us to add a few more supporting posts in order to hold up the attic floor joists. We did that, a job that involved cutting into our walls and nailing in some two by fours, and called him back, at which point, he happily gave us a pass. But, of course, with so much else going on in our house – finishing up the basement for our new tenants, and a mile-long to-do list for the attic renovation itself – we haven’t got around to patching those holes. And, I expect, we won’t get a chance to do so for a good long while.

This really wouldn’t be so bad if these scars weren’t right in the middle of our living space.

Sure, we try to distract the eye with a bit of artwork over it. I don’t know. Is it working?

This scar is a little more difficult to avoid, considering it runs right down the middle of our house. This is where the wall used to be. There are still holes in the floor. Sometimes the dogs lose toys down there. We have to be careful when we sit at the table, to not slide the chairs around too much and lose a chair leg down the crack.
And then, there’s this scar: 

 No, this one’s not reno-related. This is puppy related. This is the remains of our old couch in all its torn apart glory. Before the dogs moved on to the arms, I tried to salvage another year or so out of it by picking up some nice big cushions for the back, and it kind of worked:

But, inevitably, by the end of the day, the big pillows would be smooshed down into the cavity of the couch or thrown on the ground, and my living room would be back to looking scarred and messy.

We’re renting a dumpster for a variety of renovation related detritus and I am actually excited to say that this couch will finally be going with it. We’ll be back down to one couch in our living room, but fall is coming and with it, cooler temperatures. We won’t mind snuggling close while watching TV, right?

The dogs have made me nervous about buying another couch though. I keep reminding myself that Kingsley has only just hit a year – his best years are yet to come! The chewing has already slowed down significantly and one day, we will be able to trust both of them with a beautiful, brand new couch.

I’m just not sure when that will be. 

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