Guest Post: Ksenia of Balanced Ways: DIY bathroom renovation under 3K

Hello everyone! Today, I am absolutely thrilled to have Ksenia from Balanced Ways as a guest here on the blog. Shortly after I discovered her blog, she emailed me to see if I would be willing to feature her bathroom reno – once it was finished of course. No way was I going to say no to that, especially after she sent me the photos of the final product. Enjoy, and make sure to drop by her blog to say hello!

Hi everybody,

First off, thank you, Jeanette for having us here today. Your sweet little blog with lots of stories, tips and ideas on renovating and living in smaller home has been a great source for us when we bought our little semi. Today we’re super excited to share our completed main bathroom project.

As you can see, the room wasn’t too bad to begin with. The previous owners had replaced some of the finishes but unfortunately, didn’t do a thorough job and soon after we moved in, some things started to go out of order. So we decided to give our DIY skills a go.

Right from the get go, my husband and I knew that we wanted our room to be minimalistic, modern and fun. We both knew that traditional tub was not something that suited our lifestyle, so we converted the tub space into a stall shower. We also knew that we wanted a glass half panel in the shower instead of a traditional curtain, so we made sure to budget that “splurge” in from the very beginning and saved on everywhere else we could. For example, we didn’t opt for luxurious finishes like marble or granite but chose simple tiles instead. Our vanity, glass shelves and mirror were all from Ikea.

While a limited budget was our main supervisor when it came to choosing finishes, our main decorating challenge was the fact that there was no natural light in the room. We had to find a way to keep the room bright and inviting without a window.

White tile on the wall and the floor was a no-brainer and the glass panel also helped reflect so much needed light, we also decided to tile the whole wall in order to get that extra bit of reflected light without breaking the tile pattern. I find it helped a great deal. A couple of pot lights in addition to the vanity light improved the lighting issue as well.

As for our decoration choices, all white bathroom wasn’t gonna cut it for us. While very stylish, sleek and super trendy, it wasn’t fun but a bit too sterile for our taste. So we decided to inject some colour. Couple of funky paintings and bright accessories sure added life and dynamics to the room.

I love hearing how our guests react when they use this room, it’s always a conversation piece, believe me:)
The whole DIY took us about seven months to complete and less than $3K from the family budget.
Hope you enjoyed our reno adventure!


Thanks Ksenia! You and V certainly put a lot of work and personality into that bathroom, and I love it! 

To see more of Ksenia’s house, read about the renovation process, find a few new recipes, and more, be sure to check out her blog!
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