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Adventures in Waterproofing, Part 3

Kingsley has been helping us out with our work in the basement. It’s kind of funny because, when he first arrived in our house, he wouldn’t go down the basement stairs even if you coaxed him with treats. As we worked to drywall today on this beautiful holiday Monday, he would hardly leave our sides.

Last I talked about our basement and our waterproofing issues, we had just finished covering the cinder block wall with a coat of waterproofing cement. It was already starting to look awesome.

And then, we picked up our game even further. We re-studded the wall and called in the big guns.

The spray-foam guns, that is.

(Actually, I have no idea how spray-foam is actually sprayed. I wasn’t present when this magic happened.)

When we ripped down the wall originally, we found a layer of styrofoam sheeting behind the drywall, insulating and providing a little bit of waterproofing support. We’re not fully sure if this is a legit way to insulate a basement, and it didn’t seem to us like a particularly good way. We knew that, since we don’t want to do the full exterior waterproofing, we were going to need to go for something a little more reliable.

As soon as the spray foam was finished, we could drywall. Finally, it’s looking like a room again.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! The new windows are arriving this week. Our new tenant has requested a beautiful dark blue wall colour. Soon, we’ll be able to set this project aside and return our focus to the attic renovation!

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