Introversion, Azure, and Summerlicious Cake

I am looking forward to the end of July, but I don’t know how to feel about the way this month has passed. I feel like I’ve been on my feet all month without actually getting anything accomplished. Here we are at the 24th day, and I feel out of breath, like I’ve been running through the days, but I can’t think of anything that I’ve actually done. There have been no obligations that go with the rest of the year. And yet, I feel wrung out.

I have my theories as to why this is. 
You could say I’ve had a free summer this month. The youth group I lead went on hiatus for the summer mid-June along with most other programs at the church I’m active in. No more evening meetings, no more navigating the triangle of my life – home, work, church – if just for a few short weeks. 
But, still, we have been busy. There have been camping trips and weddings. A visit from an old friend who has been gone a very long time. Organized events and pool parties with our Bible study group. A long overdue Sunday visit with my grandparents – all four of them in our tiny house.
All wonderful things. I wouldn’t trade any one of these events for the world. I wouldn’t trade the upcoming ones either. Another wedding. A girls’ weekend with a couple of my best friends. Yarn shopping with my mom and – maybe – my knitting club at Spinrite’s tent sale back in my home county. I look ahead and see no break. But, I also see important moments and memories, time spent wisely with people I care about and who care about me.
I’ve known for a couple years now that I land pretty clearly on the introverted side of the introvert-extravert scale, but I don’t think I’ve ever clearly understood what that means so much as this socially busy summer. I’m like this cake. (I know. It’s a weak metaphor. Bear with me.) My energy, my contentedness, even, is getting eaten up by each event, each social interaction. I know my presence makes people happy in the same way this cake sent tingles through my taste buds. Once I’ve given up all my energy, though, there’s none left. I need to step away. Recharge. 
By the end of the summer, I’m going to need to bake another cake.
Dear introverts: what do you do to recharge? 
Dear extraverts: occasionally, I envy you. 
(The Husband and I went to Azure at the InterContinental Toronto Centre for Summerlicious on Saturday. It was a decent chance to recharge before an incredibly busy weekend, spend some time together, and, of course, enjoy some amazing food. Like this cake. I wanted to lick my plate. But, you know, Azure is kind of classy. I resisted the urge.)
(My introversion is among the reasons I haven’t been blogging nearly as much lately. I haven’t had the energy to engage my social media community as much as I’d like. I’m cool with it. I hope you are too.)

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  1. I am never quite sure if I am introverted or extroverted. I like a mix of me-time and social-time. I havent had a lot of me time recently, with being out of town for SIX weekends in a row. This weekend I have a pool party to go to, but thats it.

    I best way to recharge is just a day of solitude (at a cottage, if you can!). I hope to spend this sunday sitting on the roof and reading a book 🙂

  2. I would love a day of solitude at a cottage! Definitely, that kind of thing has worked for me in the past. I've even booked 'me' days so I didn't end up losing a planned re-charge day. Summer can be tough, though!

  3. I'm a huge introvert (self-proclaimed hermit actually) and I feel the exact same way—as much as I crave social interaction it *does* eat up my energy and leave me feeling drained. Some days I'd like nothing more than to disappear for a few quiet hours but sometimes that just isn't in the cards.
    I try to soak up "me time" anywhere I can get it, having a quiet cup of tea while I read the morning news, walking the dog or going for a run—even parallel reading (I read my book over here my son reads his over there) can offer me some recharge time. When it's really bad, I make time to do something I wouldn't normally like driving to a beach in the evening just to walk the shore or hiking a different route than my regular trail.
    It may sound a little new-agey but even finding a quiet spot on the backyard for even 10minutes of quiet meditation/ contemplation (or prayer if you prefer) can be really balancing —it's like stopping to catch your breath.
    If you can/hve the time to get away to a quiet spot even for just an afternoon you might be surprised how much good it does you—you may even find you bring home another 'cake' 🙂

  4. I am also introverted and I find that the best way to recharge, or relax
    after a long day, is to either read a book while sitting on some hot
    chocolate or tea, work on some story ideas, or simply watch one of my
    favourite shows on my laptop with my earphones on.

    too, you can be more "active" and still recharge. I like what Casey said
    when she said "cook a new recipe." Sometimes when I've had a long week,
    it's nice to spend some time in the kitchen cooking and baking, and
    then sitting back to enjoy some wine and good food.

  5. I'm a classic introvert, too. I've noticed (this summer more so than in the past) that if I spend some time outside each day, I feel better. A quick snuggle with the cat feels good, too 🙂 Hope you figure out a way to make the best of it until things slow back down.

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