Food Dabblings: The No-to-Low Grain Experiment

Remember how I posted a few weeks ago about a few shake-ups I was doing with the food I consume? I like to play around with my diet every so often. These experiments don’t necessarily last long, but they almost always teach me something new about how my body reacts to food. Re-examining my diet almost always reminds me why eating nutrient-rich, real food is so important.

Most recently, I decided to cut back on my consumption of carbs, specifically, those found in grains, white potatoes, white rice, etc. etc. I had come to the realization that I had no idea how to feed myself and the Husband without focusing on one of these fillers.

Anniversary rack of lamb.

I made it a week. So short, I know! And then, convenience weaseled a little pad Thai onto my dinner plate and it was downhill from there.

No, downhill isn’t quite the right word. It turns out, that week was just enough time to re-adjust something very crucial in my diet. I learned to eat less.

It was weird. In the past, I’ve never fully experienced such a dramatic difference in how I felt and how I ate after the experiment. During this particular experiment, I ate as much as I want, focusing my consumption on meat, beans, and ginormous salads*. I tracked what I was eating to make sure I was getting enough calories, and adjusted as I went along.

Curry slaw

And then, the new pho place down the street officially opened its doors. I ordered the pad Thai. I couldn’t finish it. I could hardly eat half. A fluke, I thought, as I forced myself to at least eat all the shrimp. But, a few days later, I whipped up a batch of spaghetti, falling again for the convenience of pasta. I was stuffed after half my usual amount.

Where I can, I’ve still be leaving out the grains, or at least focusing on fewer grains. More and more, I’m noticing I need less to be satisfied for longer. Is this a legitimate benefit of cutting out all that filler? Or is it merely head games? I have no idea, but I’ll take it.

* The fact that I don’t actually love salad that much was probably the downfall of this experiment. I got bored. Fast.

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