Curb Appeal: Before and (Almost) After

I still don’t know why the previous owners of our house decided it was a good idea to destroy any hope our house had for curb appeal by pouring a concrete pad over the front lawn. It was a rental before we bought it, so it was probably a practical decision that meant the owners wouldn’t have to worry about negligent tenants. I wonder if they thought about the people who would be ripping it back up in the future as they poured it. I wonder if they knew how back breaking it would be. 

Our house, before two weekends of hard work.
Back breaking or not, it’s done! Or, almost done. And so very worth it. We’ve got grass, we’ve got mulch, we’ve got flowers. Soon -ish, we’ll have a brick walkway, new stairs, a new porch railing, new windows, a new roof, perhaps even newly painted trim to finish off the look.
Our house, after, sodded, mulched and flowered. 

The sod needs a little time to take hold. How long does it take for the lines between each strip to disappear? The flowers need a little time to grow and fill out. We’ll be ordering a little tree soon, I think, a silver maple, or an oak perhaps.

I’m proud of what we accomplished, though, admittedly, it was mostly the Husband and a friend who cleared the remainder of the concrete and did the planting – in the rain and mud, I might add – on Saturday.

Grow, flowers, grow!

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  1. It looks amazing! Congrats on all the hard work. the sod needs a lot of water to take so keep at it! We have a silver maple – they grow very quickly; plan where to put it so roots have minimal impact on drains etc. also get the city to trim it very year – the perk of toronto's "tree property" lines 🙂

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