Things for Thursday

Three Things for Thursday: A Quick Yarn Hodge Podge

One: Pot Holders

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I’ve been working at mastering the coffee cup cozy. (I hope to have a pattern to share with you soon!) So, now that I’ve made a grand total of three of them, I think it may be time to turn my attention elsewhere. In my blog browsing, this caught my eye:

This potholder is by the extremely talented Holly who blogs about knitting, crocheting, DIY, houses, and all sorts of other things. And, I think my house needs a few more pot holders… especially pretty ones, like this.
Two: Advanced Crochet Stitches
I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting since finishing the baby blanket for my best friend a couple weeks ago. And, I’ve been enjoying it! Knitting is presenting me with a challenge that I didn’t feel I had been getting with crocheting. I’ve been turning to the Internet and Youtube, time and time again, to explain unfamiliar terms and techniques. I’ve even begun to wonder if enjoy knitting more than crocheting purely because of the vast array of new things to learn. 
But, wait. A quick peek around the Internet reminds me that crocheting is not just about single crochets and double crochets. There are a vast multitude of techniques to learn with a simple hook and a ball of yarn yet too! Like this one, puff stitches and crochet cables:
There’s a myriad of others, 32 recorded here. Perhaps I aught to start a sampler afghan, making one square of each new technique? 
Three: Craft Rooms for Knitters
It’s surprisingly difficult to find craft rooms targeted at knitters on Pinterest. There are plenty designed for scrapbookers, sewers, painters, jewelry makers, general DIY, and writers. Pinterest craft rooms involve large islands or sewing tables, and peg boards full of ribbon, scissors, and baskets of scrap paper. But people who play with yarn? We need good yarn storage, good needles storage, a little table for a cup of coffee, or tea, or a glass of water, a radio, or speakers for our audiobooks, and a nice comfy chair in which to sit for a long period of time. Simple things.  
In reality, there are likely so few yarn-inspired craft rooms because knitters and crocheters have so few requirements. The couch in the living room easily becomes knitting central. 
Do you have a craft room? If you knit or crochet, where do you do it?
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