Getting Our Curb Appeal Mojo On

Our house is seriously lacking in curb appeal. I think it’s a cute house, but I’ll be honest; I didn’t like it when we pulled up in front of it that very first time we saw in the winter of 2011. By the time we were finished viewing it, my views had done a 180* and I was feeling encouraged, but not because I liked the house. Nu-uh. I was excited that what we were looking for did actually exist. Now, we just had to go find it. In a different house.

Of course, we soon figured out that, yes, what we were looking for – a fixer-upper with at least the potential for a basement apartment that had decent head room – exists… but it exists in this house and, at that time, only this house. Of course, I had originally dismissed as having the perfect basement apartment, but terrible curb appeal. We went back. The curb appeal was still terrible. We bought the house anyway. 
For two years, that cold concrete pad outside our house taunted us. We don’t know why the previous owners put it in. A sink hole? Extra parking? A loathing of grass? I expect a combination of all of the above. Either way, we have been craving a little green something-something out in front of our little house. 
So, since we’re still stalled on the attic project, on Saturday morning, we went to Home Depot and rented a mini jack hammer. 

It was a long day. The Husband jack hammered, sledge hammered, and broke up the concrete any way he could. I moved it. We discovered the concrete pad was a solid 4 inches in the low parts and a whopping 8 inches at its thickest. By 4:30, we had finished breaking up and moving half of the concrete pad. We felt remarkably accomplished. 

It must look worse before it looks better, right? Soon, there will be sod, decorative grasses, tiger lilies, tulips, and all sorts of other pretties. Suggestions for what we should turn this blank slate into?

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  1. How exciting! Thanks for working toward adding to our city's green space. And working so hard, I must add.

    We've got tiger lilies to spare if you're interested. We've got other plants that are growing like crazy this year so more dividing can probably happen in the fall. Come for a visit and see what you might like 🙂


  2. How exciting to have that big blank slate to work with! 🙂 I can't wait to see what you do! We'll be trying out our own green thumbs at the new house… but for now everything is fine just the way it is… so I think we'll focus on the inside until next spring! 😉

  3. Can't wait to see it. As for growing, I would recommend some hardy plants since it looks close to the curb and therefore close to salt and muck from the winter. Grass tends to die closest to the road so a buffer of rocks or a border helps. I've had good luck with beach roses and day lilies.

  4. Good to know! We already decided on doing grass by the sidewalk though… Maybe this sounds weird, but I want it to be a 'dog friendly' lawn. Our neighbour is one of those who sits in his window and knocks on the glass the minute a passing dog even looks in the direction of his grass! I know, dog pee kills grass, but I don't want any of our neighbours to feel bad about their dog going on our lawn, and I know dogs love the feel of grass under their feet!

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