Garden 2013: A Garden Tour

The weather in Toronto the past few weeks couldn’t be better for my garden. We’ve been getting plenty of rain, but every few days or so, the clouds break and the sun shines through, encouraging the tiny seedlings out of the ground, encouraging blooms to begin, encouraging each plant to grow strong and green.

Not everything has done well. As I was weeding on Saturday, I realized I didn’t even know what parsnip seedlings look like and I couldn’t identify any plant that they might be among the mass of little seedlings that have come up where I planted them. At this point, I can only assume they didn’t come up at all. A number of our seedlings, the tomatoes and peppers we started inside, have been growing, but slowly, and will likely never grow fast enough to hit our harvest season with vegetables on their plants.

On the other hand, so much has been doing well. Our beans are growing full, our peas are sending out their tendrils, our broccoli has turned bright and green, our spinach is developing beautiful edible leaves, most of our tomato plants are developing tiny yellow flowers, our peppers are thriving, our squash and melons are taking over the ground, and we even have a few flowers blooming like crazy.

How are your gardens doing? Is everything growing and happy? What are you growing?
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