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Knitting is kind of like obsessive fiddling

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I go on tangents. For a week or two at a time, I get drawn into something and can’t seem to get enough. Gardening, at the beginning of the season last year. Books, from December until the end of March, one after another, as if words were keeping me alive. I’ve also been obsessed about pet photography, writing, and of course, this blog. I stop being able to talk about anything but.

I’m on a new bender, guys.

It all started when I finished the baby blanket last week. The combination of finishing something beautiful and the endless possibilities of starting something new did something in my head that blocked out most other thoughts than knit one purl one knit one purl one yarn over knit two together passover knit one purl one, you get the picture. I spent a few days knitting a lacy baby booty that turned out to be for a giant baby, then settled on this pattern.

I’ve been working on it every single spare moment I have. Waiting for the bus. On the bus. Walking to the subway platform. On the subway. On the next subway platform. On the next subway. Walking to the last bus. On the bus. And then, home again at the end of the day. I finish the day off with a few hours of knitting in front of the television. 
I can’t get enough of the feel of yarn in my hands. 
I’m probably a little over halfway done and already planning another project. A coffee mug cozy is definitely on the list:
Or, a pretty scarf or shawl, full of complicated lace stitches.
Crochet or knit? It doesn’t matter. Just, yarn. 
Happy Friday everyone! 
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