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Project Attic of Awesome: Slow as Molasses in January

(In fact, molasses does not move slowly. If someone wishes to explain this figure of speech to me, I would be grateful!)

Attic progress hasn’t moved much. The Husband and a friend managed to finish up the framing upstairs on the weekend, but for the moment, we’re kind of stuck. Stuck with too many other demands on our time, stuck with not enough resources. Soon, I hope to be able to give you a proper update, perhaps the announcement of a subfloor, or maybe drywall. At the moment, it looks like neither of those things are going to happen any time soon.

I wish they would. I’m getting antsy to move our bedroom upstairs and free up the downstairs room for other things. I want to remove all the clothes from the closet and fill it with with yarn and fabric and notions.

(Photo taken at Romni Wools in Toronto, 2+ years ago)
Bookcases, all around the room of course. Three or four filled with books and pretty bits of inspiration. I want to add a daybed, and pile it high with pillows, so it can become a quiet place to knit or crochet, write or read. 
There will have to be a desk and, eventually, a computer. It won’t just be my space, after all. The Husband will use it too, to work on his own projects.

Sometimes, I wonder which I’m looking forward to more: the attic bedroom retreat, or the office/craft room/ guest room we’ll get on the main floor.
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