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A Baby Blanket for Baby F

About two month ago, I got a phone call from my best friend. Keep in mind, we’re both millennials, and while we like to think we’re not typical when it comes to our professional lives, we will quickly acknowledge that we share the millennial aversion to telephones. We don’t call each other often, preferring to maintain our friendship through emails, Facebook, Google chat and, most importantly, face to face. So, whenever I get a phone call, I know there’s something up.

There was indeed something up. Something so exciting, so life-changing, I could hardly sleep. My best friend, the one I’ve known since we were babies and have been like sisters with since we were 7, is pregnant!

The very next day, I went to Michaels and bought yarn.

There’s something kind of special about creating a baby blanket for the unborn child of someone important in your life. Each stitch somehow holds more significance, each row feels more important. I finished it this past week, wrapped it up, and went to visit the excited mom- and dad-to-be, exactly two months from the day I started it. I don’t think I’ve ever finished anything of this size quite so quickly.

(Of course, the knitting club helped!)

I used a really simple free pattern for this one, found on Ravelry. The nature of crochet is leveraged in the pattern to make it, in a sense, ‘reversible’. On one side, it is predominantly blue. On the other, it’s predominantly orange. I edged it in a simple border of single crochets. It’s a heavier baby blanket, perfect – as my mother pointed out when I showed it to her – to lay out for the baby to play on. It’s soft enough, though, that it could also be used in a crib to keep the baby warm, especially in the winter.
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I didn’t use traditional ‘baby yarn’. I have a thing against baby yarn. True, it’s super soft and delicate for newborn skin. But. Pastels? Not my thing. Also, not really the thing of this baby’s mom. Instead, I used Red Heart Soft yarn. I’ve used it before and love it.
Tangerine and Sea Foam. I see orange and blue, but those are the colour names on the yarn’s label. I always have a bit of a difficult time choosing yarn colours when I start a baby blanket, so I was kind of grateful that this pattern only required two – though I could have chosen to use up to four! There was the added difficulty in the fact that I have no idea of the baby’s gender. Whatever, I thought. Little girls can like orange and blue too! I am a girl, and I like orange and blue. By the time I finished the blanket, any niggle of doubt that I had chosen the wrong colours was gone. 

I think this is my favourite project to date.

For more project details, check it out on Ravelry!

Do you have anything on your hook – or needles! – right now? I have lots of plans, but nothing currently in the works.

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