How To Keep Your House Clean…

… with three dogs and a cat living in it.

In 10 easy steps.


You can’t.


Don’t bother trying.


It’s impossible.


The big one will just leave smears of drool over your freshly washed floor.


And then the puppy will coming in from outside and track garden dirt through the puddles of drool.


The little one will crawl under your sheets with her dirty paws. Just get used to your bed feeling like sandpaper.


Say good bye to having anything nice. Puppies have teeth and they like to decorate with the batting that’s inside your pillows.


Are you still trying? Just give up already.


You might as well just throw out your broom. It’s useless against those clumps of black hair and the flighty grey ones.


Seriously. Just chill out already, put the vacuum away and cuddle!

(Dear puppies. I love you. Really, I do. But is 5 minutes of a shiny, freshly washed floor too much to ask?)

Happy Monday!

0 thoughts on “How To Keep Your House Clean…

  1. This made me giggle. At our furriest we were two cats two dogs and a sticky toddler, and i think you're right, you have to embrace the fuzz or go looney fighting it 😉 happy Monday!

  2. Hahaha, I enjoyed this. I have this thought that in the new house, there are going to be no animals upstairs. That means the dog won't sleep with us anymore. I give myself a week before I miss her too much.

  3. HAHA you hit the nail on the head. I came downstairs after getting out of the shower yesterday to find half my backyard across the living room, kitchen and staircase. Guess I left the back door open…oops. The furry snuggles are worth it though!

  4. We only have one dog and one cat, but yes. And now with a baby crawling around I'm constantly sweeping. I've had to accept that Hannah is going to end up eating dirt and pet fur and there's nothing I can do about it!

  5. HAhaha! So true. When my dogs drinks water, the last several gulps just spill out of her mouth all over the floor as she walks away from the bowl….great. 😉

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