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Yarning For U-Knitty: How To Start A Knitting Club

Over the past month and a half, Thursday nights have been my favourite. I arrive at my church, pull some chairs out of the closet. I arrange them in a circle, then settle in to wait for the others. I pull out my yarn, my crochet hook, my scissors if I need them. For about an hour and a half, I let my fingers dance while I listen, talk, share.

Approximately 8 of us have started up this ‘knitting’ club. It’s a surprising group, too! The average age is about 23, and we’re missing the stereotypical grandmotherly knitters. This is just a touch disappointing – they would have so much to teach us. As it is, many of us are still learning. I’ve taught one to crochet, and helped others as they struggled with their hooks and patterns that seemed alien to them. Another is learning to knit, discovering yarn-overs and fancy, fuzzy yarns. I, myself, am taking the opportunity to get back to knitting, to push myself to try a sweater for real, for once, now that I have access to a little hand holding and someone who is more knowledgeable than myself.

But first, I need to finish this project.

Photo, from my phone, snapped by a fellow yarner.
It’s a blanket in a beautiful, almost ‘reversible’ pattern and I’m so close to finished. Unfortunately, as with every crocheted blanket I’ve ever made, the last part is the most painful part: working in all those ends, one at a time, laboriously, without cutting corners. It’s such an important part – I did cut corners once, working the ends in minimally and snipping them off. I paid for it in all the holes I had to fix when I pulled it out of the dryer following its first wash. But, I will be so happy to finally work in that last long tail.
 I hope to be able to share this project with you properly next week, when I have finally finished it. Until then, I’m going to suggest something crazy. You could start a knitting club too. True, you need a few fellow knitters to get involved. But it’s not hard, not in the least.
How to Start a Knitting Club
  1. Ask your friends, particularly those you know have an interest in knitting. Ask the ones who don’t have an interest too. They might want to learn!
  2. Find a place that is easy for the majority to get to. If you belong to a church, ask if you can use one of the classrooms! It’s a good neutral place to meet that doesn’t put any pressure on a host. Or, see if one of the people interested might offer up their living room.
  3. Set a time and a day of the week. 
  4. On that time and day of the week, show up at the decided-upon location with your knitting bag in tow.
  5. Knit! Or crochet. Or, if you’d rather, quilt! Or, maybe do some beading. A knitting club doesn’t have to be just knitting.
See? Easy!
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